Senior sparkles with school spirit

Through her term as Student Council President and inherent outgoing nature, senior Alexa Mazzeo has continually shown school spirit and pride for Souderton throughout her high school career. Mazzeo plans on carrying this enthusiasm into Ursinus College this fall.


With her enthusiasm for making school an exciting and welcoming environment, senior Alexa Mazzeo won the Most School Spirit award for this year’s senior superlatives.
As Student Council President, Mazzeo often leads and plans events. She is also a part of Interact Club, National Honors Society and is on Souderton’s volleyball team.
To Mazzeo, having school spirit means “not being afraid to be loud and be a leader.”
“I have a really loud voice and a lot of people know my voice around school,” Mazzeo said. “I definitely know a lot of different walks of life in the school.”
According to Mazzeo, having school spirit is necessary for a fulfilling and memorable high school experience.
“A lot of people come to school, and we all don’t like it here,” Mazzeo said. “If you try to have a positive attitude and try to bring some liveliness to the school, everyone likes it a little bit better.”
For Mazzeo, having pride for Souderton isn’t challenging.
“I think I actually am very lucky to have a school that has created a niche for me,” Mazzeo said. “It’s easy to get to know the teachers and they accept you for whoever you are.”
In the upcoming academic year, Mazzeo will be attending Ursinus College and playing Division III volleyball.
“I’m gonna keep being myself which hopefully will be loud and social and outgoing and that will show my school spirit,” Mazzeo said.