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The Student News Site of Souderton Area High School

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May 5, 2023

To improve the interior of the school, the contractors at Indian Valley Middle School (IVMS) are expected to finish the construction in the summer...

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Silent support... Showing support for the LGBTQ+ community, GSA members MacKenzie Sacks, Emma FitzGerald, and Periwinkle McDowell host a table to bring awareness to Day of Silence. All three of the GSA members participated in this year’s Day of Silence.
GSA Day of Silence raises awareness for LGBTQ+ community
The Day of Silence was held on April 14.
Melissa Brown, Design Editor • May 5, 2023

By taking a vow of silence, students participating in the Day of Silence aim to protest discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community and represent those who have lost their lives because of it. According to GSAFE (formerly known as the Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools), an organization dedicated to promoting safe environments for LGBTQ+ students, the first Day of Silence was organized by a group of students at the University of Virginia in 1996. Students across the country participated in the protest the following year. Now, every second...

Stream clean up promotes environmental ownership
Rachel Schewe, Features Editor • May 5, 2023

The event aims to bring community members together and create awareness about the effects of pollution by providing a safe way to collect trash. Volunteers signed up to collect trash at one of 145 collection...

TikTok data collection initiates new RESTRICT Act
Everett Self, Entertainment Editor • May 5, 2023

By voicing their opinions on the recent international data collection, Souderton students who love and hate TikTok attack both the app and the bill set to ban it. Since its release in 2016, TikTok has...

City ‘lights’ up junior prom
Melanie Vincent, Staff Writer • May 5, 2023

In order to create a junior prom that could be enjoyed by all, Student Government Class of 2024 made some changes and planned an engaging dance with a smaller budget than usual.  Junior prom took place...

Glow volleyball tournament lights up night
Afreen Ahmad, Staff Writer • May 5, 2023

By participating in friendly rivalry, students competed against their friends and clubs at the Glow Volleyball Tournament held on April 18 at 6 p.m. in the high school gym. This year marked the second...

Gun owners prevent injury through safety, sensibility
Roman Craig, News Editor • May 5, 2023

According to CNN, gun violence has surpassed major traffic/vehicle incidents as the leading cause of death for children aged 18 and younger in America. It’s hard to see the statistics reported by groups...

Arrowhead Column: News Break
Free access to books supports education
Free access to books supports education
Roman Craig, News Editor • March 31, 2023

I grew up being taught that reading is the most essential way to gain information and educate yourself on topics you do not know about. Thus, I got my library card for the Indian Valley Public Library when I was still in elementary school, and I always loved going to the library to see what new books I could read. Now, nearly seven years later, I am watching the institution I loved so dearly when I was younger be defunded. The Telford Borough Council...


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Herd in the Hallways

“Oh, to be a watermelon in a stream.”
“I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said Chris Evans.”
“Who’s gonna tell him the roof is missing?"
“He’s not answering me because he’s Batman and he’s fighting crime.
“I live with four women- two of them are cats.”
“Your shoe is so aggressively untied.”
“I didn’t mean to bark at you! It was an accidental bark.”
“I watched a whole documentary on blueberries.”
“Everything about him genetically does not want him to be a rock star.”
“I, too, sometimes feel like a French housewife.”

Issue 5 Thumbs Up
Issue 5 Thumbs Up
Issue 5 Thumbs Down
Issue 5 Thumbs Down
New bus cameras aim to capture violators
Renae Benner, Staff Writer • May 19, 2023

To increase student safety, Souderton Area School District is equipping buses with external cameras that will go live in April, aiming to prevent...

Discussing the story...Conversing during a meeting, seniors Audrey Harman (left) and Grace Lettero talk about their opinions on the book they read for April 28 meeting.
Book club offers space for discussion, relaxation
Yanailly Crispin, Staff Writer • May 5, 2023

By meeting to discuss literature and relax in a group setting, the book club offers a time for students to learn about different books and talk...

Pumpkin patch…Investigating the fungal bloom on the ground, junior Lily Hasset finds a pumpkin mushroom. Mushrooms can be found anywhere nutrients is available.
Fungi provide mass, underappreciated assistance to ecosystems
Melissa Brown, Design Editor • May 5, 2023

By linking other organisms together and breaking them down after death, fungi hold an important presence in both the natural world and many aspects...

Studying for AP, SAT exams proves “beneficial” to students
Studying for AP, SAT exams proves “beneficial” to students
Amanda Hill, Copy Editor • May 5, 2023

Utilizing review packets, practice tests, notes and study groups, students put in work to prepare for their Advanced Placement (AP) exams and...

Sole-searching…Warming up for practice, sixth graders Johannah Gehret (left) and Elli Watson run laps while pondering a question posed by the Girls on the Run coaches. At practice on April 13, the team reflected on their individual qualities and what they look for in a friend.
Girls on the Run builds endurance, friendships, life skills
Renae Benner, Staff Writer • May 11, 2023

To train for a 5K race on May 21, develop lifelong skills and build relationships, girls at Indian Valley Middle School attend Girls on the Run practice...

76ers make playoff run
May 5, 2023

Through their excellent three-point shooting and defense throughout the regular season, the 76ers, commonly referred to as...

Tennis ‘serves’ valuable lessons to boys team
May 5, 2023

By competing in matches and being part of a team, the boys tennis team is learning valuable lessons and life skills for on...

Baseball prepares to defend title
May 5, 2023

As they continue to enhance their skills individually to become a better team overall, the boys baseball season is in full...

The Way We See It
Libraries facilitate community growth
Libraries facilitate community growth
March 31, 2023

Showing youth how reading can enhance their lives, libraries create a space to appreciate literature, self explore and deepen understanding of...

Arrowhead Column: The Glass Half Full
Yet another satirical solution to gun violence
Yet another satirical solution to gun violence
Rachel Schewe, Features Editor • May 5, 2023

Children deserve to feel safe in school. It is the job of our government to create legislation that protects people, not guns, yet the government...

Sports Editor's Pick
Photo by Christian Gresko
Softball team steps up to batter's box, ready to win
Brogan Sullivan, Sports Editor • May 5, 2023
Sharing the wealth…Admiring the fruits of their labor, Mickley Orchard’s owner Bill Mickley and the orchard’s helper, Sophia Breish, share their apple harvest at the Lansdale Farmers’ Market.
Farmers markets unite people
Sara Bishop, Staff Writer • May 5, 2023

To bring joy and unity to the community, the Lansdale farmers market fosters a friendly environment by giving local businesses a place to share...

It takes two to tango...Getting into character, seniors Mason Miller (left) and Ally Lemon prepare to play Gomez and Morticia Addams in “The Addams Family” musical during a rehearsal.
‘America’s darkest family’ comes to life on stage
Madison Stine, Managing Editor • May 5, 2023

Through formulating strong connections with other cast mates within the musical community and with the show itself, students performing in “The...

Cat cafe ‘pur-fect’ place for relaxation, happiness
Lauren Fisher, Staff Writer • May 5, 2023

By providing a relaxing and playful environment, the MeWow Cat Cafe, located in Doylestown, brings in cat-loving customers looking to adopt or...