Pro: Savor the sweets and the memories on Halloween

Trick-or-treating is a fun activity for all ages, including teenagers. The fun-filled activity can provide various opportunities of entertainment, not just for little kids


Cartoon by Maura Evans

For many, Halloween is a fun and spooky holiday to celebrate.
As people begin making plans either to trick-or-treat or stay in, the question can be up in the air for teens: when does trick-or-treating end?
Technically, there is no harsh rule in society as to when people should stop trick-or-treating, thus it should be ruled that people should trick or treat until they don’t want to anymore.
People often look down upon teens who trick-or-treat, but it is important to consider what teens would be doing otherwise. If teens are not welcomed to trick-or-treat, they may yearn to cause trouble in other environments.
Going door-to-door and collecting candy is a cherishable time for many people and allowing teens to continue that tradition allows for them to relive their younger memories, as well as properly say goodbye to childhood traditions.
Childhood passes in the blink of an eye for many. Quite frankly, not having a set age in society for when teens should stop trick-or-treating can make it confusing for teens trying to figure out when that childhood is over.
Many people do not like change, and when the fun of trick-or-treating is suddenly stripped away by stigma, it can be difficult.
Teens are also able to express themselves through costumes on Halloween, and there is no better way to do that than trick-or-treat.
It might be suggested that the people who judge teens who trick-or-treat are only jealous that they are not as in touch with their younger self.
Another aspect to consider is that at the point of Halloween in the school year, teenagers may need a break. It is during a time when school is back in session and homework is piling up.
Allowing students to escape that reality for just one night is what they deserve.
Teenagers get a bad rep, and for what? It is perceived that on a Halloween night, teens would be motivated to pull pranks and get into mischief, but really, they are just looking for some fun in the neighborhood. Many festive activities these days cost money, which can be difficult for teens.
Trick-or-treating does not cost money for those who go door-to-door, which makes it an even more splendid activity.
Some may argue that teens trick-or-treating can take away from young kids, but teens would likely head out later anyway, so that kids have plenty of time to gather as many treats as they want.