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Social media provides platform for “roommate dating”

With social media being a main form of communication for teenagers today, using platforms such as Instagram has become a popular method for finding a future college roommate.

There are an abundance of different social media platforms that have been developed within recent years that all contain some type of communication aspect. Whether this be instant messaging, direct messaging or chatting, most of these platforms give people the ability to communicate with others. 

According to, “Around 3 billion people use social media today, which means that 40% of the world uses social media for communication.”

It is no surprise that in a society like today, in which the majority of people use such platforms, turning to social media to talk to and get to know others at the college you will be attending is one of the best ways to find a roommate and future friends. 

Many universities today have non-affiliated Instagram accounts that committed students can post pictures of themselves on, as well as a brief bio on where they are from, what they like to do and what they are excited for about starting college. 

This gives others the opportunity to message them, via direct message, in order to introduce themselves and get to know them. These conversations then typically lead into a new friendship or a possible roommate. 

This method of finding a roommate is much different from how many college students went into their freshman year before social media was so prevalent in our society. Unless students knew someone attending the same college as them and had planned to room with them, students would fill out a simple survey and be randomly assigned a roommate. 

This exemplified the case of “you get what you get and you don’t get upset.” 

Some got lucky and were able to peacefully coexist with their roommate, even becoming close friends. However, many issues come up when having never met or spoken to the person that you are expected to live with for the next year, but social media solves this problem. 

While it is by no means a guarantee that your roommate will become your best friend forever, meeting them online and genuinely getting to know them is extremely beneficial. Both parties are looking for the same thing, someone that they can at least get along with and happily live with. 

Talking to them on social media allows you to learn about their interests and see what the two of you may have in common. It also gives you the ability to know how they live and if they keep a clean room and if they are a morning or night person.

Finding a roommate on social media can also help first-year college students ease into their new academic expectations. Rooming with someone who has the same or a similar major as you is important as you can help one another and allow for an understanding of each other’s work load. 

Personally, I have had success with the process of online “roommate dating.” By getting to know my roommate on Instagram, we were able to form a friendship and were even able to meet up in person for breakfast. 

Finding a roommate this way makes the thought of college a little more comforting now that I have someone I know I will be happy living with and adjusting to my new life with.

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