End of Year Changes

With multiple end of school year events being cancelled or changed due to the Covid-19 coronavirus, Seniors are reflecting on how these changes have affected their high school experience and finding ways to make something of the situation.
Senior Peter Ernst expressed his disappointment with the cancellations.
“To me, missing the spring of my senior year and everything that comes with it is awful. There was so much I was looking forward to as the school year was beginning to close, and knowing that I won’t experience them isn’t a great feeling,” Ernst said.
Senior Cole Keel said that the most disappointing cancellation that the virus has caused is the cancellation of the graduation ceremony.
“I was really looking forward to the graduation ceremony. It’s such a special opportunity that I’ve been looking forward to for a number of years,” Keel said.
Souderton Area High School has made attempts to try and give their seniors some form of a graduation experience.
“District Office has made strides to give the Class of 2020 a ‘graduation experience’ by creating a new event called the ‘Farewell Tour’ where students, dressed in cap and gown, drive through campus one last time and receive their diploma,” Keel said.
Ernst said that the effort to put together a graduation experience is “very appreciated” by the Class of 2020.
Not all change is bad however, the free time of having cancelled school allows students to schedule their days on their terms and do more things that they enjoy.
“I like being able to do my work on my own time,” Ernst said. “It gave me the opportunity to enjoy things I like to do during the day such as hiking and being outdoors.”
According to Keel, the cancellation of the school year has caused teachers to give less work, making it easier to manage.
“One positive outcome of COVID-19 is that teachers [have] reduced their typical workload on students,” Keel said, “This extra time has allowed students to spend time on things they wouldn’t normally get [to], whether that is a hobby, family time, or a long-awaited mental refresh.”