Third stimulus check passes through Congress

On March 11, in order to help millions of Americans financially through the COVID-19 pandemic, the US government passed a $1.9 trillion stimulus package. The stimulus package is the third package passed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To help the American people, $1,400 direct payments are being given to people making less than $80,000. Married couples making up to $150,000 are also eligible for the full $1,400 check, according to ABC News.
According to social studies teacher Tristan Boyd, the best part about this stimulus package is that it is “doing something.”
“I think there are a lot of businesses and a lot of people that have fallen on hard times,” Boyd said.
“Certainly no one is to blame for it, but I think at the end of the day, the government has made decisions that have been important for the health and safety of people, but they have also certainly made economic hardships for people at the same time,” Boyd said.
According to Boyd, though, this stimulus package shows that the government does realize they play a role in this pandemic.
“ For the government to recognize that it needs to take on a role as a safety net and to provide for its citizens, I think the fact that they’re doing something is the most important thing,”Boyd said..
According to Boyd, there are a lot of different ways the government can help.
“Whether you focus on the individual family or if you focus on the business side of things and you make sure businesses are staying afloat, those are equally important,” Boyd said.
“I think long term, it’s more important, in my opinion, for propping up some of these businesses and making sure they are staying afloat through these tough times,” Boyd said.
Boyd said that helping out businesses financially can help many people.
“Because that’s not just going to impact one person or two people, but every person that they employ, ultimately, is going to reap the benefits of that in the long run,” Boyd said. “That is eventually going to trickle down to the rest of the people in the community as well.”
According to ABC News, this was the third stimulus check sent out by the US government.
According to Medical Language Specialist Lorrie DeGroote, the most important thing about the latest stimulus package is the fact that it helps low income individuals.
“I think the fact that it helps low-income people survive financially is the most important thing,” DeGroote said.
“I know it is designed to help boost the economy as a whole but to those people who lost jobs or who have less work right now and are living paycheck to paycheck or even have no paycheck at all right now, it is literally necessary for their survival,” said DeGroote.

According to civil litigator Kiersty DeGroote, the stimulus checks that have been handed out have not been enough.
“I think it is a shame that they left all these people without any supplemental income whatsoever, and I know there were three stimulus checks, but they had pretty low amounts of money relative to what people were making before the pandemic,” said DeGroote.