Thumbs Down

Thumbs down to improper mask wearing
As we reach almost one year of Coronavirus pandemic, students are still roaming the halls without properly covering their faces. This behavior is inexcusable.
We understand that masks can get uncomfortable at times, but mild discomfort isn’t an excuse to put yourself and others at risk. If our sports teams and gym classes can wear masks while working out, you can wear one while walking to class.
We all need to hold out a little longer; an end is in sight. Until then, stay safe and wear a comfortable, protective mask over your nose.
Thumbs down to ignorance of hallway etiquette
As we walk through the halls, we have to endure the likes of slow walkers, people not looking where they’re going and walls of friend groups blocking our way. These situations aren’t fun for anyone and we should all avoid causing those issues.
It’s understandable that people like to walk with their friends in the hallway, but it’s just rude to take up the entire corridor. A good rule of thumb: span no more than three people wide in the main concourses and no more than two people wide in regular hallways.
Additionally, avoid looking at your phone the whole time but if you must, don’t walk in the middle of the hallway, where you’re liable to run into someone. And whether you’re distracted or not, please don’t slow down if there are people behind you with no way to pass.
Navigating the hallways is like learning the rules of the road: stay in your designated lane, don’t be distracted and maintain the speed limit.
Thumbs down to wasting fifth block
As every Tuesday rolls around, the students of Souderton find ourselves filing into our fifth block classrooms to sit and stare at the wall for 30 minutes. Let’s start using this time productively.
When students come into fifth block, they should be more encouraged to work on something productive, like reflections for their grad projects and looking for job shadows and mentorships. Instead, we come in and waste the block of time given to us.
Additionally, students should come to fifth block with an idea of something productive to do in mind. We need to restore the original purpose of fifth block and begin using this time constructively once more.