Senior artists illustrate artistic journeys through high school

Wrapping up their Souderton art careers, seniors display their best creations from the past four years. The show was held over a couple of days where parents, students and friends were able to go to the art hallway and look at the work during their free time.


***Bits and masterpieces…**Walking through the senior art show, senior Magen Swartley marvels at the artistry. The show was displayed outside the art hallway May 24-June 4. Arrowhead Photo by Tayler Garges*

In order to showcase the senior artists and the work they have created throughout their time in the high school art program, the senior art show was held at the high school from May 24 through June 4. Art from the pottery, painting and drawing classes were all displayed in the showcase.
The art show is typically held every year, however this year the layout of the showcase was different. Instead of having it during one night, it was held over multiple days.
Each of the students had their own section in the hallway where all of their artwork was showcased. The art that was hung around the hallway was able to be decorated to any theme that the artist desired.
The pottery students each had a display case where they could decorate it and use their creations to make their own theme.
For many of the students, art is an outlet for them to express themselves. Artists often can be nervous about presenting their artwork for fear that people will judge their work.
“I’m nervous that people will judge some of my artwork and will not understand what I’m portraying,” senior Alikah Cramer said.
With this year being very different, the format of the art show changed as well. Typically, the show is one night long, parents and friends are invited to the school, artists get to dress up and stand next to their artwork for a night and talk about what they’ve created throughout the year.
This year, the art show lasted multiple days and there were QR codes next to the art that you could scan on your phone and would take you to a biography about the artists.
Senior Mary-Jean Wicher wished that the art show could have been held the same way that it normally was, but is still glad that they were able to display the art for students and family to see.
The students involved in the show are a part of the highest-ranking art classes. The art show is the final for the Art 4 class.
Cramer was able to exhibit different pieces, such as personal experience pieces, abstract pieces, and realistic pieces that she has illustrated throughout her past four years in the art program.
Wicher is excited to showcase work she has created throughout her past four years in the art program.
“In this senior show I am exhibiting my best pieces from throughout the years. This includes still lives made of charcoal, painted self-portraits, and pastel drawings of celebrities,” Wicher said.
Some of the students will be pursuing art after high school. Cramer is planning to attend Arcadia University to major in art therapy. Her goal is to work with children with disabilities or illnesses.
Wicher was able to do an educational internship with art teacher Ginny Perry throughout this year. She is planning on going to school for art education.
“I can hopefully become a high school teacher and I want to be either a math teacher or an art teacher,” Wicher said.
Students and teachers are hoping that the format of the art show will be back to normal by next year, but are very happy that they were still able to display the senior’s work.