By day: Most likely to make anyone laugh; By night: The Batman


After four years of many jokes and getting people to giggle, senior Levi Lewis wins the 2023 senior superlative for most likely to make anyone laugh.
Lewis was not expecting to win a superlative and was surprised by the news.
“I got the DM that I won and I was like yes,” Lewis said.
Lewis runs the Whats Up Soudy Instagram page which posts high school information and updates and heard about superlatives through Instagram after reposting the google form for superlatives.
Despite winning the award, Lewis does not believe he can make anyone laugh.
“I can make a decent amount of people laugh but some people are hard to make laugh,” Lewis said. “There’s some people in high school that just, I could not make them laugh, they’re just deadpan.”
Nonetheless Lewis tries to “tell a lot of jokes” and he believes that is why he won the award.
“Not all of them work, but maybe some of them worked,” Lewis said “Enough jokes worked.”
One of Lewis’s most known jokes was when he came to school dressed in a full Batman suit.
Lewis has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Souderton and is grateful for the experiences he has received.
“Honestly, it’s been a wonderful high school experience,” Lewis said. “I couldn’t ask for anything more, great four years.”
Lewis is especially grateful for the friends he has made in high school largely with his humor.
“[The best part has been] friends and like the late just talking to people that’s my favorite part,” Lewis said.
Post graduation Lewis plans on going to Westchester for their honors college
“I’m studying dual majoring in history and education, then hopefully teaching,” Lewis said.
By always having a joke to tell, Senior Levi Lewis brought laughter and cheer to the class of 2023. Lewis plans on going to Westchester in the fall.