Aspiring actor aims for acclaim

With a recognizable passion for performing, senior Joey Beck aspires to make it to the Broadway stage. Beck plans to attend Point Park University as a theater arts major.


Winning the senior superlative award for Most Likely to go on Broadway, senior Joey Beck intends to make this a reality by studying theater arts at Point Park University and working his way to the top.
Although Beck would be happy performing anywhere in any role, singing on the Broadway stage is “that top tier goal,” Beck said.
“It’s always been a dream of mine to perform and I would love to get to Broadway,” Beck said. “But even if I never got to Broadway, I would just love to perform for the rest of my life.”
Beck strives to be on Broadway in any capacity.
“I mean when you’re in high school, the lead role is the one that everyone wants, but when you’re on Broadway, you could have the smallest role in the entire show, but you’re still getting paid,” Beck said. “It’s still a job on Broadway, I literally would take any role.”
Some may recognize Beck from his most recent school role as Uncle Fester in “The Addams Family” musical, however Beck has been involved in a total of seven shows throughout the school year.
“I’m just constantly performing and constantly doing shows,” Beck said. “It’s where I’m happy and it is a safe place for me.”
Beck’s love for performing, acting and singing started early on. According to Beck, he’s been singing since he could talk.
This interest only heightened as Beck grew older and he began getting exposed to theater, as well as getting encouraged by his parents.
“When I was in kindergarten, I watched the movie “Annie” and the little tap dancing part at the end, I was obsessed with that and I was like ‘I want to learn how to do that,’” Beck said.
Due to his interest, Beck’s parents enrolled him in tap dancing classes, where Beck was further exposed to theater and performing.
Throughout his performing journey, Beck has also had support from his voice teacher Jackie Washam, whom he considers his “greatest influence.”
“She has helped me grow and become such a better performer, singer and she’s just helped me along my journey,” Beck said. “She inspires me to get there.”
Beck’s most recent role, and one he particularly loves, is as Cosmo Brown in “Singing in the Rain, JR.” at Montgomery Theater.
“I think that’s my favorite role that I’ve ever played,” Beck said, “it’s so fun and comedic.”