Philly allows celebration of ethnic diversity

[Editor’s Note: First in an occasional series exploring Philadelphia.] Welcoming a mixed variety of cultures, Philly provides a plethora of ways to enjoy various ethnic backgrounds

Just by spending a few hours in Philadelphia, we were exposed to various ethnic foods, shops and more. While we’re highlighting the good that the city has to offer, it’s important to take safety precautions when traveling throughout the city.

For some, commuting to the city might be viewed as a deterrent to stay away. However, there are various ways to make a trip into the city cheap and efficiently, such as taking advantage of public transport.

We decided to take the train from Lansdale Station to Jefferson Station, which dropped us off in close proximity to the Reading Terminal Market.

Reading Terminal Market acts as a small glimpse into the melting pot of the city. The doors are a gateway to a populous assortment of foreign cuisine.

Just by walking through the market you can experience different eateries like Profi’s Creperie for a taste of French cuisine or Careda’s Caribbean Cuisine for authentic Jamaican eats.

We decided to check out Kamal’s Middle Eastern Specialties where we ordered a veggie pita wrap falafel that delighted us with its bright, fresh flavors.

We complimented our meal with their homemade sweet walnut baklava. Other ethnic foods represented throughout the market include, but are not limited to, Spanish, Cajun, Thai and Dutch.

For any picky eaters out there, the market also includes many vendors with more American-inspired dishes, such as classic Philly cheesesteaks.

We then headed over to China town, which was just a nine minute digestive walk away. According to Visit Philly, Chinatown acts as “a main cultural
and economic hub for much of the region’s Asian-American population.”

The area is filled with shops, cafes, restaurants, markets and various other businesses catering to the Asian-American population in Philadelphia.

While walking through Chinatown, one of the most eye-catching structures is the Chinatown Friendship Arch.

According to the Philadelphia History Museum, the arch was constructed with materials vided by Philadelphia’s sister city, Tianjin in China.

The stunning arch, adorned with various fantastical animals and many colors, reflects the architecture of the Ming and Qing dynasties while symbolizing the welcomed permanence of Chinatown and the friendship between Philadelphia and Tianjin.

Even without associating with a particular ethnicity, strangers can still feel a sense of adoration and
belonging as the city extends its open arms.

However, by seeking out certain experiences, anyone can find a community and home full of warmth within the city of brotherly love.