Fall fashion trends

By using modern style and personalization to modify old fashion trends, celebrities have encouraged a rise in uniqueness as well as acceptance in 2020’s fall fashion wear. Acceptance has become a staple this year in the fashion community, even more so than a tennis skirt or flare pants.


Stepping on the trends… Ascending the stairs to fashion greatness, musician Oliver Milles takes pride in his pants collection, which is mostly thrifted. Milles tries to inspire others to find unique clothing pieces by thrifting.

In an effort to increase self-expression this fall season, new fashion trends focused on personalization, ethics, and new perspectives took hold throughout the country after being promoted by fashion influencers.
This fall was one of the best seasons for fashion in recent years. The cohesive concepts and silhouettes allowed for an easy mix of trends to create many different stylish outfits while only having to own a few statement pieces.
The newest closet staples that came onto the scene this season were primarily tennis skirts, sweater vests, crewnecks with layering pieces, minimalist chunky gold jewelry, patchwork, corduroy, anything sage green and thrifted statement pieces.
Tennis skirts and similarly pleated school uniform skirts began to appear all over Pinterest fashion boards midsummer and then continued on to become a closet staple in the fall. My personal favorite way to style a tennis skirt is a black or brown crew neck over the top of an accent cheetah turtleneck.
Many influencers, including Kendall Jenner and Emma Chamberlain, have been sporting turtlenecks underneath crewnecks and leather jackets.
Crewnecks became the new hoodie this season, a cute alternative to the typically “bummy” look of a hoodie. Easily layered with a collared shirt or turtleneck, the simple top could be paired with any type of bottoms, such as a tennis skirt, yoga pant, monochromatic sweatpant, or trouser.
A statement pant became a must in most closets this season. Whether it was a patchwork jean or zebra flare, moving the pinnacle of an outfit from a top to a pant was an easy way to increase the stylishness of an outfit.
This season there was a movement away from skinny jeans towards a baggy oversized jean or flare. Using unique materials for pants undoubtedly opens the door to so much more self-expression in an outfit. Leather, corduroy and cow print were all prominent in different realms of fashion. Whether the pants were unique in material, print, or silhouette, a cool pair of pants is one of the ultimate forms of self-expression.
For bonus points, thrift the statement pant.
A new rise in conversation about ethical consumerism provoked a shift from overseas fast fashion to local thrifting. Fast fashion is the practice of cheaply making trendy clothes in countries that don’t have as strict labor laws as the United States. Fast fashion is done so that companies can jump on trends much faster and be able to quickly bring products to market.
The movement towards thrifting resulted in the rise of “grandpa style” as freshman Nate Eraydin called it.
Due to most thrift shops having clothes from past generations, most of the trends in patterns and silhouettes that have been seen are not necessarily new, but restyled in a modern way.
The words that rapper Benjamin Haggerty, also known as Macklemore, sang in 2016 have never been as true as in 2020.
“I’ma take your grandpa’s style, I’ma take your grandpa’s style” have summed up much of fall 2020 fashion.
For the overruling color of the season, many people would come to the consensus that it was sage green. A huge appreciation for the cool, muted green has spread across the internet. Whether in a tank top, pants, leisurewear, or even a kitchen, there is no denying the advent of the color into daily life.
Closely following sage green is the influx of earth tones such as neutral tans, browns, and jewel tones, especially rich purples and deep emerald greens.
What these trends have led to is a new wave of acceptance that has passed over the fashion community.
Every trend is able to be personalized to someone’s unique style. And even if people choose not to participate in trends, that’s accepted as well as long as they feel themselves in their outfit.
The biggest trend we have seen this season is encouraging self-acceptance and sharing ourselves with the world through their outfits.