Fans say ‘Wakanda forever’ to the Legacy of the ‘Black Panther’

The world does not feel the same since the death of Chadwick Boseman. It shocked his fans immensely and left a hole in so many people’s hearts.


There Was An Idea: An Arrowhead Column

By rewriting Black Panther’s position in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Marvel Studios is trying to keep the character of the ‘Black Panther’ alive while also maintaining a deep respect for Boseman’s contribution to Hollywood.The death of a celebrity is nothing new to the public, but the way Boseman’s death was kept hidden by family and friends was heartbreaking to say the least. Boseman died of cancer on August 28.
The death of Boseman, a man beloved worldwide, left many speechless. Boseman decided to not tell the public about his cancer diagnosis, including his colleagues on projects like “Da 5 Bloods” and “Black Panther.”
Portraying T’Challa, King of Wakanda and the Black Panther, Boseman became an idol and hero to so many people. His sudden death does not change the fact that he is, and will always be, an iconic and inspirational Black figure for years to come.
Yet, his death does change a few things surrounding the mantle of the “Black Panther.”
There have been many theories discussed online by fans regarding how Marvel Studios, under the Disney umbrella, should react to Boseman’s death. Many of the ideas are very business orientated, while others are more respectful to the memory of Boseman.
The first option is to recast the role to another young Black actor. Names such as John David-Washington and John Boyega have been thrown up into the conversation.
This is a more business-orientated perspective and would probably make a lot more money for Marvel Studios, but it is highly disrespectful to Boseman’s name. By recasting with another modern African American icon, it throws away his worth and value.
He brought the Black Panther to life in “Captain America: Civil War” and made it his own. If a recast were to happen, The Black Panther wouldn’t be viewed as a cultural figure, who is looked up to, but instead as a cash grab and just the same as any other superhero.
The more believable and realistic approach to what Marvel Studios should do is to have T’Challa/Black Panther die fighting a villain. It is not a “throw away” death and it should stand for something in the story of the movie.
In the wake of King T’Challa’s death, his sister, Shuri, played by actress Letitia Wright, should take up the mantle of Queen of Wakanda, therefore also taking the role of the Black Panther.
This has happened multiple times in comic books already, and having a Black, queen superhero would be a very good representation of Black women in our media.
Even though that last idea is the most probable, there is still another strong contender. Marvel Studios could bring back the fan-favorite villain, Erik Killmonger, played by Micheal B. Jordan to become the next Black Panther.
Although he was the antagonist and killed off in “Black Panther,” there could be a logical way to bring him back into the story and fans could get to see a very fleshed out version of Killmonger that can learn to be patient and help the world just like T’Challa learned in previous films.
Either of these last two options are more viable than the first. It is just not morally right to recast a modern day Black icon, like Boseman, especially in the role of Black Panther, who stands for nobility, courage and family.
Boseman will be remembered by his fans across the world. He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten. Rest in Power, King. Wakanda Forever.