What do football fans do now?

With the start of spring and a new wave of sports seasons, professional football has finally concluded. This leaves all football fans wondering: ‘what do I do now?’


Football enthusiasts are without the sport for nearly seven months, desperate for the season to come back with unsatisfied appetites. 

Until next September comes around, there isn’t much football to be enjoyed. The NFL season has come to an end, the NCAA season has ended and it may seem like football as a whole has ended.

It hasn’t.

Unbeknownst to many, there are several other possibilities in the football realm to be enjoyed.

The first, and one of the more popular options, is watching and researching the NFL draft, which is taking place April 27-29. 

The best part of the end of a football season is watching stellar college athletes go professional. When the season ends, NFL teams are looking for young players who can give their program the touch they need to win next year’s Super Bowl

Keeping in touch with the draft and monitoring which rookies are drafted is a great way to stay updated on the teams. Knowing which rookies have been acquired will not only expand your football knowledge, but make you sound professional around friends. 

For fans who want to watch the closest thing to the NFL, they have to look no further than the XFL. 

The XFL was founded in 2018, but its inaugural season did not begin until the start of 2020. Since then, the league has rocketed off with a large fanbase.

The seasons and games are very similar to the NFL with nearly identical rules, the big difference being the seasons are 10 games long. After the short season, four teams proceed to the playoffs to earn the title of season champions.

The XFL is surrounded by widely known celebrities both on the field and behind the scenes. The league is co-owned by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and he does a phenomenal job at keeping it interesting. 

On the field, many ex-NFL and college stars shine. Players such as Josh Gordon, Phillip Lindsay, Jordan Ta’amu and Ben DiNucci bring their talent and fandom to enhance the league. 

If fans are looking for the closest thing to traditional football, the XFL is a perfect fit.

While watching the XFL is a great way to hold off fans until the start of the 2023-2024 NFL season, there is a more hands-on way to enjoy the sport.

It’s never too early to start doing homework on fantasy football and creating the perfect roster. 

The conclusion of the NFL season saw many players having excellent seasons and a fair share of terrible seasons (*Cough* James Connor *Cough*). 

Taking an early start to prepare for the upcoming season is a great way to use these seven months. The more effort you put into fantasy football, the closer you get to claiming the championship title and bragging rights.

Football fans, it’s going to be okay. Just a dreary seven months to get through, then bliss will return.