Families watch Super Bowl together, making memories

The annual occurrence of the NFL Super Bowl brings many families together to enjoy the game and being with their loved ones. Watching the Super Bowl together provides sentimental meaning for many.


Brogan Sullivan

Arranging…preparing for the weekly night of watching football, Philadelphia Eagles fan Grant Means works on decorating his dinner table for the perfect party. Lots of pride is taken with a good football-watching set-up.

Many football fans and families join in to watch the annual conclusion of the NFL; often this celebration includes traditions and even rituals to pass down for generations.
The Super Bowl is one of the most-watched sporting events in the entire world, averaging around 100 million viewers per game.
Since the Super Bowl only happens once a year, many people come together with their loved ones to watch and enjoy.
According to Patriots fan Troy Sullivan, the annual event is a great reason to see everybody you love.
“I always look forward to the playoffs and Super Bowl half of football because I know I’ll be able to have my family and friends all around me,” Sullivan said.
Philadelphia fan Gerald Asbury holds similar beliefs.
“My family takes the Super Bowl very seriously,” Asbury said. “We invite everybody we know over and we’ll have them over as long as possible. It’s just such a great time.”
There are many ways football fans are able to celebrate the game, such as eating food and playing games, according to Philadelphia Eagles fan Justin Urbinati.
“We get wings, pizza, soft pretzels, snacks and then we just hangout,” Urbinati said.
Food is a common theme for many families when celebrating the Super Bowl, which is second only to Thanksgiving for daily food consumption, according to Bleacher Report.
Philadelphia Eagles fan Hayden Swartley also has food at all his parties.
“My family will usually have friends over to watch the Super Bowl with snacks, pizza and drinks,” Swartley said.
Food isn’t the only thing that can make for a fun night.
A huge factor for enjoyment of football is the competition and “arguing which team is truly better,” according to Los Angeles Rams fan Emmanuel Torres.
“All of my friends love different teams,” Torres said, “so whenever the Super Bowl comes around, we never end up rooting for the same team.”
Swartley also believes that the rivalry and stakes for the teams makes it more enjoyable.
“It’s a time where everyone is rooting for either the same team or a different team,” Swartley said. “It makes it feel very competitive and high-risk.”
While competition and eating food makes it very enjoyable for most, it can also be the generational traditions that make it a good time for others.
Knowing your family will continue the tradition makes the game more important than just football, according to Sullivan.
“One of the earliest memories of my dad and I is watching football,” Sullivan said. “I know it is the same for [my son] and one day it will be the same for his son.”
Many families are not as focused on the game aspect, but just about making memories and loving each other.
“I do love watching football,” Torres said, “but just being around everybody makes it a great time.”
Asbury values the connections more than the actual sport. “Most years I don’t care about the game because it’s not my team,” Asbury said. “I just love seeing my family together making good memories.”
Whether watching the Super Bowl is a way for people to watch their favorite sport or a way for families to be around each other, it’s valued by many.