Let’s hear it for ‘ Welcome to Wrexham’

Creating an underdog team that everyone can root for, actors Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds bought a Welsh football (soccer) club in October of 2021.


EVERETTainment: An Arrowhead Column

By purchasing a Welsh football club, actors Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds aim to improve the team and promote them to the Premier League, creating the ultimate underdog story.
To understand the position McElhenney and Reynolds are in, you must first understand European Football.
Imagine you have a pyramid divided into five sections.
The top section, Premier League, is where you find the best teams in the world: Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, etc.
Next down the pyramid is the Championship League, then League One, League Two and finally, the National League.
That is where Wrexham AFC is ranked.
At the end of each season, the best teams are promoted to the next league, and the worst teams are relegated (demoted) and move down one league.
With that being said, doesn’t it seem crazy that two very busy, very famous actors would purchase a football club on what seems like the other side of the world?
You would be correct; it does sound crazy. But that is why they created “Welcome to Wrexham.”
This is a real-time docuseries on Hulu that follows Reynolds’ and McElhenney’s journey.
A camera crew follows the coach, players and directors of the club to give the audience more perspective.
Reynolds’ and Mcelhenney’s investment in the club is viewed as a business investment, so there are a lot of risks and a lot of rewards.
They proved to the town of Wrexham and the world that they are not there for money or to make a fool of the club; they genuinely want to see them succeed.
Although sceptical at first, the citizens of Wrexham have learned to show love for the new owners by wearing Deadpool merchandise to show support for Reynolds and holding “It’s Always Sunny in Wrexham” signs at the games.
Watching Wrexham’s games provides a thrilling, edge-of-seat experience for everyone who knows about their exciting story.
Those who watch “Welcome to Wrexham” know there is more at stake than just wins and losses.
The sad truth is that watching Wrexham’s games feels like watching a movie because the spectators feel a personal connection to the players; also, the fact that they are owned by Hollywood stars does not help.
Although similar to the hit series “Ted Lasso,” it is important to remember that it is real life and not a TV show. The people on screen are real players and not actors.
They cannot improve in a five-minute training session and become better players.
They can put in hard work and progressively get better, but they are still limited by their talent.
Being able to watch the team get promoted will be an amazing experience and I am confident in the team’s ability to make it happen.
Realistically it could be a very long time before they reach the Premier League.
In the very best-case scenario they would have to be top in their league for the next four to five seasons while entering more difficult levels.
At this rate, they could reach the top in their league in about five years.
But it is more realistic for them to reach the Premier League in the next 15 years.
It will take time, and not be something that occurs in season two of “Welcome to Wrexham,” although by the looks of it we might see them promoted to League Two after their current season.
As Wrexham AFC continues its journey to the top, it is important that we (their fans) show support through their wins and losses.
Reynolds and Mcelhenney have big plans for the future of the club that can only be accomplished with a loyal, rowdy and sometimes obnoxious fanbase.