Issue 5 Thumbs Up

Issue 5 Thumbs Up

Soudy Decisions Account

As seniors get ready to head off to college, everyone is curious about where people are going but nervous to ask the big question, “Where are you going to college?”
For many still, this is a loaded question filled with emotion and uncertainty.
It may feel uncomfortable or intrusive to ask someone this at this time of year.
The Instagram account, @soudy22decisions features commitments sent in by seniors. Each post is dedicated to a senior and has their name, post-secondary plans, major and a picture. This is a cute way to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates while informing curious people about where people are headed.

Prom Returns

After a long two years of limited events and contact, Souderton plans to host a senior and junior prom this year.
Excitement for the events is buzzing through the air as girls are buying their dresses and preparing for the upcoming prom season.
We wish everyone a happy prom season that goes without flaws. May everyone’s suits fit perfectly, updos be worthy of a princess and photos be clear and well lit.
Thank you to Souderton for working to bring back the prom tradition in a safe way after a two years of containment, angst and nervousness.


As winter fades away into a memory of coldness, it is time to welcome sunshine and springtime.
With every passing week, the temperature continues to rise and sunny days become more frequent. It has been perfect weather to take a walk and enjoy the sunshine or ride top down in a convertible. Enjoy the sunshine and dismissal of the cold.
Summer approaches quickly after spring and soon everyone will be done with the responsibilities of school. Appreciate the passing days and recognize how much has been accomplished this past year.
Congratulations on making it through another Pennsylvania winter.