Lacrosse teams volunteer for local community

Helping out at the Garden of Health in Harleysville, the girls and boys lacrosse teams volunteered on March 27.

For the girls on the lacrosse team, community service has always been an important activity.
“Giving back to the community is really important for me, so when first starting at Souderton it was something I wanted to implement,” girls lacrosse coach Claudia LaMarca said.
LaMarca has been coaching since 2015, starting at Souderton three years ago.
“Last year was the first year we volunteered at the Garden of Health in Harleysville,” LaMarca said.
The Garden of Health is an organization that provides, “healthy, safe food for low-income families, including those with dietary restrictions, in Montgomery and Bucks Counties,” according to the Garden of Health website.
This opportunity was made possible due to efforts made by LaMarca and the parents of the players.
“With the help of some booster club parents, we were able to connect with Garden of Health and give back,” LaMarca said.
Many of the players enjoyed this opportunity as it is a time to connect as a team while doing something good for the community.
“I like [the experience] a lot because it’s good [for] team bonding and getting out into the community and helping with nonprofits that need help with funding for good healthy food for the people who can’t afford it,” senior Reiley Knize said.
According to sophomore Lily Hassett, it was a very fun experience where everyone was having a good time.
“It’s just a really good program. We all got to work together, it was fun, we had music going the whole time,” Hassett said. “It was nice seeing everybody like the boys were there too so it was like a big group of people.”
The boys lacrosse team also joined the girls for the first time.
“This is the first year we’ve done it as a combined group which I kind of liked,” senior Jamison McDevitt said. “Over the course of last year, the boys and girls lacrosse teams got a lot closer than they have in the past and we all just became one collective unit of Souderton lacrosse.”
According to senior Nick Curotto, if given the chance, he would definitely participate in a similar activity.
“It was a good experience [and] I would totally do it again if we did it,” Curotto said. “It [is] nice to give back to the community whenever possible and to do that with the entire team is also a good opportunity for team bonding.”