Students work to stay active during the COVID-19 pandemic

While stuck at home, students have found creative ways to keep themselves in shape. Students have mixed feelings about the effects of the quarantine on their physical fitness.

Striving to keep in shape during these trying times, students use resources, motivation and creativity to stay physically active at home.
Students have adopted new physical activity hobbies over the quarantine to stay in shape. Junior Aonghas Evanick has taken up running as a way to stay fit. “I’ve been running a lot…Really anything is better than nothing right now,” Evanick said.
Freshman Monica Abdelmassih has similarly adopted a love for running over quarantine and likes to run a mile everyday.
Students have been finding motivation through different ways during this time.
According to Abdelmassih, following fitness accounts on social media has helped her with motivation. “Seeing [their posts] puts me in a position where I’m like if they can do it, why not me?” Abdelmassih said.
For Evanick, having a set schedule and a good mindset is a crucial part of getting motivated to work out. “I think the most important part is to have a tough mental mindset. It’s different for everybody,” Evanick said.
Senior Cole Keel values having goals and priorities for staying fit. “Having the dedication and goals in front of you is what truly motivates you because you have something to work for,” Keel said.
This trying time proves to be a mixture of both helpful and harmful for physical activity.
At the beginning of the quarantine, Abdelmassih felt her physical activity was struggling, but after consideration, things have turned around for her.
Having more time impacted Abdelmassih’s outlook on the whole situation. “It definitely went from a negative thing to a positive thing,” Abdelmassih said.
According to sophomore Jordan Snyder, this time has been more harmful than helpful to her fitness. “There isn’t a lot to do and most kids get up later in the day,” Snyder said.
For Keel, having the extra time for fitness has been extremely helpful during this time. “I personally have felt like it’s been so helpful because I get to run and lift and do all the things that I normally want to do, but don’t have time to do,” Keel said.
Although having more time for fitness has been helpful to Keel, the current situation restricts a lot of movement throughout the day.
“I’m trying to get outside of the house and walk more because I’m noticing that I don’t move around as much without being in school,” Keel said.
According to Evanick, the pandemic has made staying fit much different than it previously was. “I’m definitely not doing the same things that I used to, but it’s opened up a new side of my athletics with running,” Evanick said.
According to Snyder, she has found motivation through music. Additionally, Snyder encourages others to get active during this time. “It’s going to benefit you and it’s a good way to release stress from this quarantine,” Snyder said.
With public gyms being closed, students are held back from using necessary equipment that they typically use in their workout routines.
Students previously worked out occasionally at Club Genesis and Planet Fitness.
“It’s definitely different and difficult because you’re going through such a structured routine,” Evanick said. “I have what I need there, and at home I don’t have around 90% of the stuff I need to do.”