Issue 6 Thumbs Up 2021-2022

Thumbs up to senior prom…
As the Class of 2021 says their final farewells to Souderton, it is nice to see them get the prom they’ve dreamed of since freshman year.
Throughout the school year, COVID-19 has forced the district to postpone and cancel many social events. A big gap this year has been the lack of school dances.
This is why it was such great news when the school announced that we would be having a senior prom. To the Class of 2021, we hope that you had a night to remember; after how this pandemic has affected your senior year, you guys deserve it!

Thumbs up to a year of overcoming obstacles…
With shutdowns and changing guidelines, let’s face it, this past year has not been pretty. While it hasn’t been easy, we, as a district, have made it through the tough times and can now move forward with positive hopes for the future.
Everyone has made many sacrifices this year. Whether you chose to stay home for you or a loved one’s safety or chose to forgo visiting with high-risk family members, your efforts were not in vain.
As we finish out this school year, we are seeing mask mandates lifting and CDC guidelines becoming more relaxed. Happier days are in sight. Congratulations, Souderton, we have nearly survived a pandemic.

Thumbs up to summer…
As AP testing and final exams come to a close, we are inching closer and closer to summer. After a year of mask-wearing, social distancing and all around crazy, I think it’s time we get a vacation.
This summer, we encourage students to relax and give themselves a pat on the back for all of their hard work. Enjoy some time soaking up the sun and taking advantage of the beautiful weather.
We know that we will be taking a well-deserved break this summer and you should too. Go ahead and catch some rays; you deserve it. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!