CDs, vinyls still hold value today

Returning to old forms of absorbing music, many have begun collecting CDs and vinyl records, offering a new level of exposure and meaningfulness.

Showing material love for music, fans have been supporting their cherished music and beloved bands through purchasing vinyls and CDs, specifically from second-hand avenues.

In Doylestown, one can find a record store full of variety for all music lovers. Siren Records has rows of vinyls and CDs of every genre- new and used. It would be hard for one to walk out empty-handed.
According to an employee, everyone from “zygotes to near-deathers” visits the store.
While recently perusing the store, it was heartwarming to see this vast community that they’ve built around music.
We saw a father and son browsing together, getting excited over seeing a Bjork vinyl.
Instead of just playing music through our phones, setting up a record player or popping in a CD provides an immersive experience that allows listeners to be submerged in the emotion and energy of the music.
The feeling of being immersed in songs with powerful vocals or instruments is almost an addictive experience. How can one compare listening to the impressive vocals in “The Great Gig in the Sky” by Pink Floyd or the transportative instrumentals in Lana Del Rey’s “West Coast” on vinyl rather than through a small phone speaker?
Vinyls and CDs also extend a special sense of connection to music, besides sound, that digital platforms fail to offer.
As the digital age has progressed, there’s been a significant increase in relying on digital streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music to listen to our favorite artists.
These platforms offer many valuable features, as people can now listen to music wherever and whenever they like and have wider access to various artists and genres.
Yet, this increasing availability of music has overall allowed people to take music for granted.
Yes, people should have access to any and all music, but the digitized form of streaming music has lessened a raw appreciation for the art and skill of many artists.
There grows a sense of pride and interconnectedness between an individual and their vinyls or CDs that they sought out to buy because of their love for the artist or the album.
The compelling graphics of these physical forms of music can be comparable to being mesmerized by a painting in a museum.
Opening a vinyl or CD to see the graphics continue and flow into a mural showcasing the artist and the visionary aspects of the album can be comparable to watching a movie adaptation of your favorite book and getting to see the plot come to life.
Using streaming platforms provides easy access to music at all times, but there is a special charm and uniqueness about vinyls and CDs that can’t be replicated digitally.