Issue 4 Thumbs Down



On March 17, also known as St. Patrick’s Day, sneaky leprechauns infiltrated the Souderton Area School District’s elementary schools.
These leprechauns had no shame in their acts, as they left multiple classrooms distraught.
Authorities suspect they were rummaging through classrooms for gold coins that the LBI (Leprechaun Bureau of Intelligence) gathered reports on.
When investigators inspected the crime scene, they found green fingerprints and strands of stark red hair, leading authorities to confirm their suspicions.
Investigators have no leads yet to the specific leprechauns but are offering an entire pot of gold for any tips. The organized crime of the leprechauns needs to stop.

Lack of Snow

Every year when we come to the end of the winter season, it seems that there has been less and less snow.
Due to climate change, instead of it being cold enough for the precipitation to freeze it just rains throughout winter instead.
Even when we do get snow, it fails to stick on the ground. This results in a dreary day with no snow to make up for it.
So instead of winter enjoying its usual sprinkles of snow days and all of us looking forward to waking up to a blanket of snow on the ground, the season is now filled with nostalgia.
We are now stuck remembering a rightfully chilly past of gearing up in snow pants, boots, a heavy jacket and mittens to make snowmen with family while we stare out the window waiting for snow.



Netflix has already been on thin ice since their announcement of incorporating ads into their service.
But the removal of “Arrested Development” and soon-to-be removal of “New Girl,” both landmark sitcoms, is just too far.
Both of these hilarious series featuring a quirky cast fostered a warm feeling of nostalgia and laughter that will be missed dearly.
This uncalled for removal is just another move by Netflix in what seems like their plan to disappoint their audience, as in 2020, “The Office” and “Friends” were also removed.
While Netflix has recently added great movies like “La La Land” and “Sleepless in Seattle,” the comfort and genius of these sitcoms can’t be replaced.