Issue 4 Thumbs Up


Spring Playlist

Now that spring has officially begun to sprung, it is time to move away from winter’s mellow soundtrack and towards a light and airy playlist that’ll bring smiles for longer spring days.
Nico’s “These Days” and Don McLean’s “Vincent” and “I Love You So” instill such a peace and joy that one can only characterize them as part of spring’s soundtrack.
Now that it’s spring, the weather will also finally be warm enough to blast music while driving with friends.
Artists that will make a drive to just the gas station exciting are Lady Gaga, Daddy Yankee, Lana Del Rey and really anyone from the 2000s.

Earth Day

Even though Earth Day isn’t until April 22, it’s still important to reflect on how we use, or abuse, our planet’s resources.
People often feel helpless when trying to make sustainable decisions- often asking, “Well, what can I do? I’m just one person.” The truth is, as consumers, we have so much power to change how corporations run and what they produce.
In 2018, fast fashion produced more greenhouse gases than France, Germany and the UK combined. These companies also account for 20% of wastewater, pollute our oceans with toxic chemicals causing the deterioration of marine ecosystems.
For companies to change, it’s important for us to demand change with our money.

The Return of Rita’s

Ever since 1984, the Philadelphia landmark Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard has brought a beacon of light and joy to the community with their refreshing water ice.
The experience of biking to Rita’s with friends and then trying to decide what sweet water ice to order while a warm breeze swims through the air and then laughing as vibrant flavor colors your mouth has finally returned.
Watching the sunset while enjoying water ice is the perfect way to end a spring night and means summer is just around the corner.
This year, we can hopefully look forward to new, unique flavors as well.