Damar Hamlin fights injury, world unites

Sullivan Sports Center [An Arrowhead Column]: Responding to Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest on the football field, people have come together to support him and his family. Hamlin was released from the hospital on January 9.


Support of Bills Safety Damar Hamlin after a tragic injury was not limited to just Bills fans, or even football fans. People have shown help through donations, well wishes and much more.
Hamlin collapsed during a week 17 NFL game due to being hit in the chest by an opposing player’s helmet. The hit caused Hamlin to go into cardiac arrest, sending medical officials and trainers onto the field.
Trainers ran to Hamlin to help him, which included over 10 minutes of CPR and the use of an automated external defibrillator. He was later taken to the UC Medical Center by ambulance.
The game was delayed and eventually suspended for the night. It was concluded as a no-contest and will not be played, according to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in a recent press meeting.
The injury visibly upset all of the players and staff on the sidelines. Hamlin’s teammates were seen crying and hugging, heartbroken about what happened.
As Hamlin was being treated, the entirety of the Bills team kneeled together, praying for their teammate. Many of the Bengals players joined in, showing their respect for Hamlin and the life threatening situation.
The group of players stuck by Hamlin until he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. As the game came to an end, many Bills and Bengals players shared their concern to Hamlin on their social media accounts.
Along with the players, millions of fans joined in to give their support to Hamlin and his family. The support continued on for the following days.
Within hours of the injury, fans found a toy drive that Hamlin started before he was drafted into the NFL in 2020. This toy drive went viral and millions of dollars were donated from big names such as Tom Brady, Matthew Stafford and Davante Adams.
Prior to his injury, the toy drive had raised approximately $2,921, according to USA Today. After Hamlin’s injury, the drive raised over $8.1 million.
While his toy drive was receiving massive amounts of funds, players continued to show they were thinking of him. The following week the Bills played the New England Patriots and every touchdown that was scored was followed by the players holding up a three, his jersey number.
Fans, players and staff were seen wearing shirts with the number three on the front and the back. The shirt also read, “Love for Damar.” These repeated actions of love show that the game of football is small compared to the life of a man. Rivalries and competition immediately fade away, meaning nothing in the moment.
Whether somebody was the biggest football fan in the world or they have never played the sport, they showed love for Hamlin and gave all of their support.
Not many things can make such a vast variety of people come together, and yet it still happened. Released from the hospital, Hamlin returned to a world of love and support.