Girls basketball becomes ‘team to beat’

By practicing both technical and team skills, the girls basketball team is retaining focus and drive throughout the season. Many of the players have been on the same team for multiple years.


Zoe Bass

Sky high…Soaring to new heights, senior Casey Harter makes a layup shot and scores a basket. They went on to win 47-18 against Harry S. Truman High School on January 6.

In order to finish the 2023 winter season strong, the girls basketball team practices hard and works together as both a team and a group of friends.
The girls basketball team utilizes a strong team connection by showing that they have similar goals.
“We are really close and I think we all have the same mindset and same goals that we are trying to win,” senior Casey Harter said. “I think it helps knowing [that we are] all on the same page and have the same goals.”
The girls basketball team also shows a sense of community and family, showing a tight bond. “We are close like family. We are all really close and really good friends even with the coaches. We have been together for a long time and it’s definitely like a family,” Harter said.
In addition to being very close, many players have had much time to improve and heighten their skills.
“Strengths [of the team] are definitely skill level because we were nurtured from such a young age with the skill,” senior Erin Bohmueller said.
Many of the players have been playing basketball for multiple years and have formed relationships prior to the high school team.
“The majority of us have known each other before high school for a long time,” Bohmueller said. “Especially six of the seniors have known each other since grade school, so we are all really good friends even with the people we didn’t know.”
According to Coach Lynn Carroll, in addition to a strong team connection, the girls’ basketball team works to show strong skills in defense.
“I’d say defensively we work extremely hard and play very smart,” Carroll said.
Junior Brooke Fenchel agrees that the team excels in defense skills and the defense is “really solid overall.”
The skills also include selflessness, according to Carroll. Players are willing to give up shots to help the team in the end.
“Everyone is up to give the extra pass, even if it means they themselves can’t score, but it means a better score,” Carroll said.
During practices, the team works to hone in on specific skills while retaining focus. “Our practices, I would say, are very focused. Our coach is extremely knowledgeable about the game so she does what’s best for us,” Bohmueller said.
Many of the players have a drive to succeed, which connects them as a team and improves the overall experience.
“Overall, the team experience has been pretty good since we all like each other and we want all of us to succeed, ” senior Teya McConnaha said.
Harter believes that their success comes from teamwork.
“We work hard as a team, we don’t take possessions off, we are always working hard, and that’s why we are so good and we are also really long and tall so it’s hard for other teams to play us,” Harter said.