French Club offers way to celebrate culture

Promoting an environment that allows for the exploration of French culture, French Club facilitates engaging and fun activities for all students. French Club began last year and has since increased in scale and success, according to members.


Claudia Elwell

Frenchified fun…As they work on a French painting-inspired art activity, freshmen Aidan Golla (left) and Sophie Dubois enjoy time with friends. The activity helped them to learn more about French art while also having fun during the November 18 club meeting.

Influenced by their love for French class and French culture, co-presidents Claudia Elwell, Andrea Flores and Audrey Bucher run French Club for students who are interested in learning about and engaging in the culture.
The French Club was started towards the end of last year and has picked up again this year for previous and new members to be a part of.
According to French Club advisor Sally Cushmore, the club was successful in creating a presence at the high school this year after several unsuccessful attempts in the past.
“Claudia, Andrea and Audrey are very good at planning and in the past, it wasn’t quite as successful and we stopped doing it,” Cushmore said. “I think that they are really focusing on cool activities and things we can do together as a club and that is leading to the success.”
Flores also said that something not many people know about the club is that it’s open to anyone. This allows the club to expand and for people who don’t take French to learn about it.
“You don’t have to speak the language or anything, we just have it for anybody so if you want to join you can join,” Flores said.
Elwell feels that the atmosphere of the club has also contributed to its success as well as the members’ passion for learning about French culture.
“The environment of French Club is very safe, very fun and very welcoming,” Elwell said. “I just think that’s important if you are interested in expanding your knowledge about French culture.”
Elwell also notices that members seem “genuinely interested” in what the club offers and teaches.
This sets the club up for continuous success in the future as new members join and become engaged.
While French Club is a place for people to come and share their interest in French culture, it is also a place for members to connect.
Flores believes that members have come together throughout the meetings and continue to bond through the club.
“It’s not just a small little group that’s hanging out,” Flores said. “It’s more like a whole group together and everyone is involved and having fun.”
The club’s presidents also try to involve the members as much as possible by getting input and suggestions on activities that the club should do. Bucher said that this is another way that the club can connect.
“French Club is a way that people can come together with their interest in French culture because we’re always asking for suggestions on activities from our club members,” Bucher said. “We’re really open to all activities.”
As French Club continues to grow, Cushmore notices her love for French passing on to her students who are excited to continue learning more about the culture. Cushmore said it makes her “happy” to see younger people interested and eager to learn new things.
“If [students] go out and they explore something or if they hear or see something and they’re like ‘Oh that’s French,’ then that makes me happy,” Cushmore said.