Field hockey team prepares for post season

Using conditioning, teamwork and other strategies, the field hockey team is racking up the victories throughout the season.

Hoping to continue securing wins for the remaining duration of the season, the field hockey team employs various techniques throughout the season to prepare for the upcoming championship.
As of October 14, their record stands at 15-1, with only one out-of-league loss against Methacton on October 1.
Despite losing, they managed to make a comeback after halftime.
According to head coach Sue Casciato, strategies such as running during practices to build endurance have not only been proved essential in the Methacton game, but through the entirety of the season.
“We emphasize a lot of conditioning so we always feel like we are more fit than the other team,” Cascianto said.
According to sophomore Tatum Andrews, this has assisted in retaining energy and stamina throughout the game so that they are able to outrun the other team.
“Usually coaches stop when you get into season and start playing games, but our coach makes us run the same amount that we did in pre-season,” Andrews said.
“I think that keeps our team in really good shape and it makes us ready for games and be able to outrun these girls.”
Not only has running improved their ability to secure wins, but their teamwork has played an important role as well.
When it comes to team dynamics, Cascianto said that teamwork, good passing and finishing in the circle are crucial to winning a game.
According to Andrews, teamwork is very important and has had a big impact on their season so far.
“We lost some key players from last year, so we had to come in this season and put freshmen on the team and have new girls play with each other,” Andrews said. “We had to adjust to that to be able to play and now our passing is better than ever and we’ve been able to look really smooth while playing.”
As the upcoming games draw closer, Cascianto has plans for other forms of practice for the team.
“We are going to see if we can set up some scrimmages with some ex-college players to play against someone who’s better,” Cascianto said.
According to Andrews, regardless of losing the Methacton game, their comeback in the second half was a “highlight” and a “big deal” to her.
Senior Lauren Frye said that after catching up to the Methacton 3-3, they played
in overtime, where they continued to play “energetically.”
“We lost to Methacton, but it was a good game,” Frye said. “We were down 3-0, but came back and continued to play energetically.”