NFL Sunday is more than just a regular Sunday

As life continues to get more stressful, leaving us with little time to have a break, across the world, millions have their break every NFL Sunday.


Every Sunday, my family gathers together and everybody is given a task. My dad and I grill the burgers, my sister makes the dessert, we all buy snacks and get ready for the big game.
Every Sunday from September to January is filled with football games from the start of the day to the end. Millions of people sit down to watch their favorite team face off against another, hoping to win.
These Sunday games are watched routinely by incredibly loyal people across the country. But fans don’t just watch these games, they live them.
They grab their 16-pack of Dr. Pepper, eat their nacho chips doused in grease and scream at their television as if they’re making the game-winning call.
There is so much food present and somehow all of it is eaten. There’s nachos, wings, fries, pizza…any food you could possibly think of. From the start of the pregame to the postgame, every crumb and scrap of food is devoured.
If you’re not cheering for your team with pizza sauce dripping down your face, are you really rooting for your team properly?
When my family sits down to watch the week’s game, sitting is the last thing we do. Some may even consider us to be professional at-home players.
We jump up and down in excitement. We run around recreating the games biggest plays and we scream when we think we can do better than the guys paid millions to play the game.
Although all this excitement and action may sound ridiculous, there is a deeper meaning to it all.
For one day of the week, many people can sit down and just focus on something that they love to watch.
For one day of the week, they can be stress-free.
Most people have very busy weeks and receive few breaks in between, making these weeks drag on for what feels like forever. But for eight hours every Sunday, there is nothing to worry about.
Families come together to eat delicious meals that they made together. They can spend time together as one and enjoy themselves, something many people can agree is needed.
Our lives are filled with drama and stress, we have no time to properly enjoy being with our families.
It may seem crazy to some that people are screaming at their TVs and running around the room after watching a game, but people can find true happiness within it.
Some of my earliest memories are watching football with my dad when I was four, and they’ll always stick with me.
Twelve years later and still, every Sunday we watch our talk shows, we eat our food and we freak out after every loss.
Watching the game every week, year after year becomes a tradition for many. People take much pride in how they celebrate their game-day.
This is much more than just watching football.
Some people look at football and think that it’s just another sport, but to many it is what they look forward to each and every week.
Spending time with our loved ones while eating as much as we can and following a nation-wide tradition is what NFL Sunday is all about.