Boys volleyball team practices teamwork, positivity

Back in the swing of things, players of all grade levels reflect on the success of the ongoing volleyball season. The team’s chemistry and sportsmanship is their driving key to success.


In order for success on the court, volleyball players cheer on their teammates through the season in encouragement.
Always being there for one another makes the team unlike any other, according to players.
According to Coach Luke Pinto, he is amazed at the environment the boys created.
“All the guys get along super well and they build each other up. If we’re trying to make a run into the postseason at some point, [it matters] how we are off the court versus on the court,” Pinto said.
Along with on the court, the team dynamics are even noticeable from the sidelines.
“They seem like they’re genuinely friends, which is rare to find on teams,” Pinto said.
Team captain Andrew Brown also recognizes the special relationship that the boys share.
The team is very supportive.
“We are all pushing towards each other’s success. I definitely think that the team is like a family,” Brown said. “We all want each other to succeed and that comes with support from each other and our coaches.”
Transitioning into a whole new sport was easy according to sophomore Kelly Kim.
“It was just easy for me to get into volleyball. When I first started, I wasn’t really that good. Then I just started more reps and stuff like just passing back and forth and I just got better,” Kim said.
According to sophomore Dhruv Patel, with enough effort put in, anything can be achieved.
“It takes time, but after practice you get into it easily,” Patel said.
Inexperience is a mutual feeling between many of the players, prior to being shut down due to COVID-19.
Junior Ethan Frattereli said that his skills improved last year. “Last year, I really actually learned the sport of volleyball and my fundamentals got way better,” Frattereli said. “A lot of us our only experience is from freshman year. So with that not being there, it kind of set us back a little bit and made us less experienced.”
Freshman Giovanni Iervolino believes it is also beneficial to play outside of the school.
“Club season, which is kind of like an offseason for high school, can definitely help you get onto the team, or at least prepare you for getting into the team and practicing during the season,” Iervolino said.
The team is optimistic about their chances this year and plan on giving it all their effort.
Pinto is especially optimistic after watching the team.
“I really like how we are progressing as a team. Last year we finished 14 and six and last in the second round of districts, so hoping to improve on that,” Pinto said.
According to Pinto, the fundamentals of sports are what is going to make or break the team this year
“It comes from hard work and practice, so we’ll see what the season holds for us,” Pinto said.