Softball ‘steals’ two victories in Myrtle Beach

Due to their team bonding time on the trip, the softball team was able to use their chemistry to their advantage on the field. When not playing on the field, the team played board games and spent time on the beach.

By performing well on defense and hitting at a high percentage, the softball team went undefeated at their tournament in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina from March 25-27.
After being rained out during their first scheduled game, the team came back on the following days and won both of their remaining tournament games.
Team captain Megan Kummery believes that the team’s focus on defense in practice was a deciding factor in their pair of victories.
“We’ve been working really hard on [our defense], so I think we came out really strong, preventing anyone from scoring runs,” Kummery said.
According to junior Sierra Miller, the team’s defense was “just there” in the first game.
“I don’t think we committed any errors, we were just clean and solid that entire time,” Miller said.
During their time away from playing, the team got to bond with each other over the course of their stay.
“We all spent time shopping together and at night we would play board games and just hang out at the beach,” Kummery said.
According to senior Josalyn Nelligan, this team bonding time translated to improved chemistry on the field.
“I think because of the trip we bonded so our team chemistry was even better on the field,” Nelligan said.
This trip was the first time that the team had gone to an out-of-state competition in recent years.
According to Coach Carol Atkinson, the trip was meant for the girls to be able to get both spring training and competition.
“A lot of schools over the past few years are starting to head south to get some training in. We are able to get both practice and games in,” Atkinson said.
The tournament included teams from other areas of Pennsylvania and other states that the team wouldn’t get the chance to play in the regular season.
Miller believes that the team benefitted from seeing other schools play from outside of the Suburban One League.
“I think [taking more trips] could benefit the team by seeing how teams from different areas play because we are always confined to playing [teams within our district],” Miller said. “It benefits us to see what we can do to defend against [their tactics].”
According to Kummery, the teams got the chance to play against more competitive, higher-level teams.
“We got to have different competition and for the most part it is better competition because when teams are better they want to travel, they want to get out there,” Kummery said.
The team got the chance to compete on turf fields, a rare opportunity for the team.
“We were able to get on turf fields, which we’re not used to so we just got a new environment and the fields were so nice,” Kummery said.
Nelligan agrees.
“The place that we were at, Cal Ripken, was really cool. I’ve never been on fields like that before,” Nelligan said.
Atkinson believes that staying focused and givng consistent effort will result in a good season going forward.
“The team will need to stay focused on their goals. Working hard will make for a successful season,” Atkinson said.