Podcast popularity grow with range of content

With a variety of options, podcasts are an enjoyable form of entertainment.


Kelsea Clarke

Positive pod…Listening to “The Positive Mindset Podcast” by Henry G, sophomore Giang Tong takes a break at lunch for relaxation. The podcast includes an “uplifting audio experience.”

Due to growing podcast platforms, podcasts have become more and more popular over the past few years, fostering content from self help to true crime.
According to the media group Edison Research, 80 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly.
There’s a wide variety of podcasts to listen to and on many different platforms, expanding in categories of music, storytelling & advice, and self-help to try listening to.
The podcast, Daebak Show w/ Eric Nam (by DIVE Studios & Studio71), explores the lifestyle of being in the music industry.
The word “Daebak”, in the podcast title, is a Korean word to “describe something spectacular.”
The host of this show, Eric Nam, is a K-pop solo artist who is a singer, songwriter and entrepreneur.
In each episode of the show, Nam meets with different musicians to discuss today’s music and help us find out more about each guest as well.
The show focuses on celebrating music and showing us a glimpse of what the industry is like.
During the Daebak show and through Eric Nam’s interviews, listeners get to know each guest and find out more about them.
What is enjoyable throughout each episode is getting to find out artists’ honest thoughts and stories about their music.
It’s interesting hearing about what it was like for these people to get to where they are now and how they did.
The episodes are always entertaining to watch because of the fun questions and conversations that take place.
A specific episode to check out is Ep. #136 with Jiung and Keeho from P1Harmony.
This is available for listening on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, YouTube and more.
YouTuber Emma Chamberlain’s podcast, Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain, is a storytelling and advice podcast, offering insight to listeners.
Chamberlain began this podcast in 2020, and from then on each week she returns with new stories to tell, or just to share her thoughts and advice with listeners.
There’s always something different she brings to her show each week, covering a wide range of topics.
Some of them include talks about success, traveling, friendships and ongoing advice sessions.
In these episodes, Emma Chamberlain shares her own stories, which are relatable to hear about.
She tells these stories and gives advice to others about what she learned from them.
This podcast gives listeners a lot to think about regarding their daily lives and there are many inspiring messages and tips to be taken away after listening to this show.
The“good habits” episode is insightful and worth listening to.
This podcast can be listened to on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Audacy.
The Positive Mindset Podcast is a self-help podcast with 10-15 minute episodes.
The Positive Mindset Podcast spreads positivity to anyone who may need it. Through storytelling meditation, each episode helps to build a positive mindset and have a better outlook on life, leaving negativity behind.
Listening to this podcast after a tough, stressful day is great for anyone to do.
It helps to improve the way people think and live their daily lives.
It’s a good way to detoxify when you need to calm down and relax.
Spreading this message of positivity is motivating and guides listeners on a path of living a more optimistic life full of confidence.
“Key to removing your negative limitations to become your POSITIVE self!” is a helpful listen on days where you might be feeling limited and upset.
This is available to listen to on many platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Anchor and Google Podcasts.