Fortnite Chapter 3 is now the ultimate victory royale

By adding new weapons, map changes and other game dynamics, Fortnite Chapter 3 is standing out from past seasons and is bringing back back new and old players alike.


Fortnite Chapter 3 has been an outlier in the recent seasons of Fortnite.
While on a downward spiral, the Fortnite franchise has lost players exponentially. But Chapter 3 has made a massive improvement in bringing the Fornite community back together. Fortnite chapter three has introduced new weapons and items and an entirely new map with new locations, and some old ones too.
The new map has 14 named locations. There are very diverse landing locations ranging from a desert area, snow, grassland, and a beach.
Throughout the season there have been many changes made to the map, such as bringing back Tilted Towers, which were first introduced in season three and removed in season eight.
This new change in map added a variety of new, and old locations to start your game at.
Additionally, it has completely changed the weapon pool for the season with brand new weapons. In the new update, there are seven new weapons that have been added.
These include; two new assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns and a sniper.
In past seasons, players had many conflicts with the damage spread of the weapon pool. Whether it was too imbalanced, over-powered, or weak, Epic has not seemed to get a strong and widely accepted weapon pool. In this update, however, there seems to be a new favorite weapon for everybody. These new weapons are unique and although there seem to be rising issues regarding the weapon pool, overall it has seemed to figure out a healthy balance and selection for players to choose from.
A very unique weapon that was released in chapter three is the MK-Seven assault rifle.
Unlike most weapons (aside from snipers) in the past, this gun has introduced a very widely liked first-person scope.
This red dot sight on the weapon allows for increased accuracy, especially on consoles. It allows for heavy and consistent damage.
Fortnite in the past has been known to add methods of quicker transportation.
Whether it’s running from or to a player or escaping the storm, transportation has had a huge factor in determining the winner of the game.
The web slingers introduced in chapter three are unlike any other mode of transportation. Rather than getting in a vehicle of some sort, the player is able to wear web slingers, much like Spider-Man. This allows the player to swing from surface to surface.
These can both be used aggressively or passively. The player has the option to swiftly introduce themselves into a fight, or escape one which they do not plan on winning. The player also now has the ability to slide.
Sliding can be used to quickly descend down hillsides and staircases.
The croucher position that the player takes has the possibility of not only dodging enemy fire but also getting a sharp angle on the other player.
Fortnite chapter three has been successful in pleasing their fanbase. This helps them influence new players and bring back old players. There are many things that are new to the game that were not covered, such as crown royales, the foundation, and the battle pass.