‘Book of Boba Fett’ affirms new era of Star Wars content

Beginning December 29, 2021, “The Book of Boba Fett” released an episode every Wednesday. The complete season contained seven episodes that can be streamed on Disney+.


By releasing “The Book of Boba Fett” TV series in January, Disney has established a new tone for the Star Wars universe, giving Star Wars fans a more realistic, modern peek into the Outer Rim.
“The Book of Boba Fett” follows the bounty hunter Boba Fett, son of Jango Fett.
It begins directly after Boba’s apparent death in Return of the Jedi, afterFett fell into a sandpit with a sarlacc.
The “Book of Boba Fett” redirects the plot. showing that he was protected by his beskar armor and made it out of the monster alive.
The show then follows his time immediately afterwards with the native Tusken raiders, while also jumping forward to show his time spent as Daimyo Fett of Mos Espa, dealing with politics and the Pyke Syndicate.
The characters were well written and the cinematography captured the soul of planet Tatouinne.
Tatouinne has a very different vibe than other planets seen in the galaxy.
Tatouinne has a harsh landscape of desert and dunes.
The planet is rich with spice, a commodity that has caused the native Tuskens a great deal of trouble as spice miners invade their land.
The show captures the run down of harsh conditions on Tatouinne, while contrasting the traditional life of the Tuskens with the bustling city life of Mos Eisley.
The Tuskens were previously portrayed as an aggressive group, but have been reframed as a traditional society that is trying to protect its home.
In contrast, the urban setting of Mos Eisley is modern and technologically advanced, displaying night life such as bars and lounges.
While the show holds itself to impressive imagery and plotlines, but continues the Disney trend of straying away from the serious tone of the Lucas Films Star Wars era.
The TV show “Mandalorian” showed a new side to the supporting characters, depicting clones as nervous and funny, and Peli Motto as a very goofy and messy mechanic.
The comedic relief from the main action that these characters offer is something that traditional Star Wars fans may not welcome as much as Disney expected.
The Star Wars universe has always had a tone of seriousness, felt in the weight of the politics and action.
While characters Like Jar Jar Binks and C-3PO have always offered relief from this tone, characters have never been portrayed as Earthly or even like an average human.
The new style results in the Star Wars world being more similar to Earth, and feels familiar to the watcher.
However, many fans turn to the Star Wars universe because of how different it is from Earth.
While characters experience the same emotions, their journeys and trials are vastly different from Earth and offer an escape from the worldly problems people face.
The classic Star Wars feel should not be forgotten or corrupted and Disney should stand to the remember it.