Pro: Listen to Christmas music early, let your soul smile

To get in the Christmas spirit many enjoy listening to holiday themed music. As the holiday season quickly approaches, many question how early is too early to listen to Christmas tunes.


Cartoon by Maura Evans

With the countdown to Santa’s big night getting shorter and shorter, many are indulging in listening to classic holiday music.
Participating in this act before Thanksgiving or before “Christmas season” is a beneficial mood booster.
According to Scripps Medical Group, listening to holiday music not only boosts your mood, but also helps to strengthen your memory, decreases stress levels, and can even reduce pain.
For many, the holiday season brings times of joy and childhood nostalgia of happy memories.
When we listen to this music we associate it with these feel-good memories that boost our overall spirit.
The nostalgia aspect leaves us feeling warm, fuzzy and child-like, which makes people want to give more and be kinder all around.
The upbeat and magical Christmas tunes don’t just give us joy, but also the memories that come with that joy.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel that for a few extra weeks out of the year.
According to a survey done by Bustle, about 26% of people start listening to Christmas music on November 1, the day after Halloween.
About 52% of people start playing Mariah Carey and Michael Buble on Thanksgiving or Black Friday.
Only 9% of people believe that you shouldn’t start listening to holiday tunes until December 1, which is flat-out insane.
If people who have bad experiences associated with Christmas do not like the cues they take in when they listen to Christmas music, that is fine.
However, there is no need to go all “Bah! Humbug!” and get mad at people who start listening to Christmas music on November 1.
This year, more than ever because of supply chain shortages, people have needed to order gifts earlier.
Using Christmas music to get yourself in the holiday spirit can be beneficial to helping you find gifts that truly encapsulate the giving spirit of the season.
Yes, holidays can be stressful for some people, but we shouldn’t let that stress overtake the magic that Christmas brings for all who celebrate.
Iconic songwriter Mariah Carey didn’t put in all the effort to write, sing and produce “All I Want For Christmas is You” for it not to be enjoyed for at least two months out of the year.
Mariah said it best, “There is just one thing I need,” and it’s for you to listen to Christmas music.”
Embrace the music that brings laughs, joy and memories whenever you want.