Eagles Fans Hesitant Over New Head Coach

Kicking off the new season, Eagles fans share varying opinions surrounding prospects of the team making playoffs due to the new coach, Nick Sirianni.


Fly Eagles Fly…Watching the October 3 game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, fan Aji George wears his DeSean Jackson jersey. Many fans wonder about the prospects of this season.

As a result of the replacement of the Eagles’ former head coach Doug Peterson with Nick Sirianni, fans of the team have differing opinions on the replacement and the future of the team.

On January 24, 2021, Sirianni was announced as the Philadelphia Eagles’ new head coach. The first-time head coach was previously the offensive coordinator for the Indianapolis Colts along with other minor coaching positions for the San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs in years before. Entering the NFL in 2009, Sirianni spent the first five years of his career coaching on the collegiate level despite still never being in the head coaching position.

Many Eagles fans find this lack of head coaching experience skeptical although some are willing to give him a chance. “It’s hard cause a lot of NFL teams don’t want to give the opportunity to a young, inexperienced coach,” said coach Ed Gallagher. “They want to have somebody that’s been there or has already been a head coach at some type of level of football.”

In general, most fans seem to be unsure of what to think this early in the season. Fans like junior Surya Vaddadm feel that while being a good leader, Sirianni needs to run the ball more. 

Similarly, English teacher Jessica Radcliffe said, “I don’t think he’s doing a bad job, it’s interesting because we have so many new players that I think it seems like everything is going really well. I’m interested to see how the rest of the season goes.”

One thing the majority of Eagles fans can agree upon is with this being Sirianni’s rookie year as a head coach, the chance of the Eagles going to the playoffs is slim. According to Radcliffe, she doesn’t think that it is “out of the question,” but she wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t make it. 

Likewise, according to Gallagher, prospects for playoffs are still possible. “It’s a long year. With 17 games, if they get things going in the right direction I think they could contend for the division and thus make the playoffs, but I don’t see them winning enough to be a wildcard team so they would have to win their division,” said Gallagher.

 However, fans like Vaddadm have no hope and think there is no chance of the Eagles making the playoffs.

Overall, with several differing opinions, Sirianni will have to work hard to gain the confidence of the Eagles fan base, but with the football season just starting only time will tell whether or not he is cut out to be a head coach.