Thumbs Down


Devious licks

When it comes to bathroom etiquette, stealing soap, mirrors or ceiling tiles is frowned upon. While “devious licks” are a funny Tik-Toktrend, they are disrespectful to the school and should be stopped. Devious licks impede on basic hygienics, which are a hot priority during a pandemic.

Traffic cones must be left alone. While it may be considered a funny prank to steal them, it is costly to the school and hurts everyone in the long run. Please be considerate and respectful toward school property.

If you have the urge to snatch something, remember that it is against school policy and could result in serious consequences.


College stress

As deadlines approach for college applications, many seniors are feeling down and overwhelmed with the pressure of decisions for their future.

Seniors have to push through this hard time with the support of their lowerclassmen friends and their families. After a long journey of preparing for this moment, their effort is about to pay off with the gates to their future busting straight open. This is the final stretch and maybe the hardest. Remember to support and be caring toward your seniors during this time. 


PDA during COVID-19

While never appropriate or comfortable for strangers walking through the hall, public displays of affection during a pandemic are especially frowned upon. PDA typically requires removing your mask, putting strangers around you at risk. 

Be considerate of the comfort of others while in public, but also their safety. During a pandemic, PDA is not just a matter of being socially unexceptable, but is also a matter of public safety.