Girl’s water polo strives to increase team unity

Concentrating on reworking team dynamics and player confidence, the girl’s water polo team hopes to implement new leaders to take over the spots of graduated players. Many players believe that building friendships is imperative to building a stronger team.


In order to fill leadership positions left open from last year’s seniors, the girl’s water polo team is focusing on building a dynamic that promotes friendships and a deeper team mentality.

“The passion is there that’s for sure,” sophomore Molly Kreag said. “We’re not perfect but we’re good, we strive to be a family.” 

Player relationships are something that the team believes impacts them the most in and out of the pool. Junior Morgan James said that friendship “definitely affects [their] communication in the game,” 

This communication in the pool is something that water polo coach Dan Fleck believes can be used to lead the team to a season victory.  

Junior Kate Kelcey thinks that the team is capable of a win because all the girls are “hardworking” and have “a lot of energy.”

 The team calls itself a family in different ways, whether it be through their Instagram posts to their pregame cheer; “family on three.”

  “This family, they know exactly what I need to get better,” said Kelcy. The girls said that they feel as if the program harbors a supportive environment that gives everyone on their team a purpose.

“Everyone on our team plays a specific role in our family,” said James. “That’s what makes everyone feel valued.” 

Along with working towards a team win, the players feel as if they are being challenged and pushed as individuals.“Our coaches want the best for us,” said Kreag. “They all want us to get better”.