Girl inspire girls with tech

Taking a trip to Souderton’s middle schools, the Teach Girls Tech Club inspires girls to pursue or take interests in technology classes and careers. Club members at the new Teach Girls Tech Club are currently planning for these trips.

Hoping to relate more to their favorite celebrities and, in some cases, role models, many fans invest their money into makeup products released by the top beauty YouTubers [BeauTubers] on the site.
Over the past 15 or so years, there has been a subsection of YouTube dedicated to makeup tutorials and lifestyle videos. Today, this subsection has grown to astronomical heights, being one of the largest communities on the site.
As of late, the new norm for these celebrities has been to release makeup products of their own; products that they could customize and endorse to fit their needs and likes, as well as those of their fans.
This uniquely customizable form of “merch” has even been a way to get some YouTubers interested in the beauty industry as a whole and begin a makeup journey of their own.
One of these celebrities has been YouTuber Shane Dawson. After filming a collaborative mini-documentary series with makeup artist and BeauTuber Jeffree Star, Dawson saw that his fans were interested in seeing the two of them collaborate on an eyeshadow palette.
After seeing this reaction, Dawson set out on a long journey of documenting his experiences with learning how to do makeup, what it takes to produce a palette and the importance of the quality that goes into these products.
This footage resulted in a seven part docu series with a total runtime of seven hours, which detailed the process of releasing their Conspiracy Collection, a conglomeration of eyeshadows, lipsticks, makeup bags and other miscellaneous items that pay homage to Dawson’s nearly ten years on YouTube.
It is products like these that fans truly cherish and look forward to purchasing. Being able to see the hard work and passion that Star and Dawson put into this collaboration through the series made fans appreciate their collection even more and made it something truly unique.
During his time on the platform, Star has released a multitude of eyeshadow palettes, concealers, lipsticks and many different forms of apparel on his website,
In the series, Star explains how he and his team select ethically sourced materials, at the highest quality possible, for his products.
From seeing this, viewers expressed a lot of support for his brand and became more educated on the ingredients in their make-up products and items that they use on a daily basis.