Recapping the Eagles 2021 NFL Draft

After the April 29-May 1 draft, fans are showing their support for the Eagles’ choices.

Due to the picks the Eagles made in last year’s NFL Draft, social studies teacher David Klein was skeptical about their draft this year. The Eagles picked his top target in Devonta Smith.
Health and physical education teacher David Lotier was also skeptical about this year’s draft for the Eagles. They responded by picking a wide receiver first overall in the draft, and drafting some defensive players later in the draft, both of which Lotier said were players the Eagles needed.
According to Klein, the Eagles needed to fill some “glaring holes” in the roster and was part of the reason the Eagles traded down from their number 6 spot to the 12th spot in the draft. The Eagles then traded their way up to the 10th spot in the draft in a trade of picks with the Cowboys to get Alabama wide receiver Devonta Smith in the first round.
“We have some glaring holes that need to be filled, which is why I think we traded back to begin with, because we need some pieces,” said Klein. “When I think of the roster, and when I think of one of our wide receiver core, Reagor being a little bit of a question mark, having had missed a little bit of the season and not having great quarterback play, who knows honestly.”
According to Klein, the Eagles defense also needed some help in the draft. “When I think of our cornerbacks as much as I like Avante Maddux personally, he is not a cornerback. He’s just not,” said Klein.
On the defensive side, the Eagles picked center Landon Dickerson out of Alabama, Louisiana Tech defensive Tackle Milton Williams and Texas Tech cornerback Zech Mcpherson in the second through fourth rounds of the NFL draft. The Eagles also drafted a running back named Kennith Gainwell out of Memphis University.
Lotier is impressed with the Eagle’ first round draft pick, Devonta Smith.
“I think he is a stud. He is a play maker and he is dynamic with his speed. But, people are knocking him because of his size and his weight so he dropped. So instead of him being the first second or third pick he dropped, so I think he is great value,” Lotier said.
Fromer Arrowhead Sports Editor Travis Schuster also liked the draft for the Eagles.
“I think the draft went very well this year. Unlike last year, I don’t feel the Eagles messed up majorly on a draft pick. I really like Devanta Smith. I feel he’s a player who can come into the league and have a huge impact with his speed and talent,” Schuster said. “I also didn’t mind them taking Landon Dickerson, although I am a little concerned about his injury history, but I like their decision to draft a center. Because they’re offensive line was horrible, they gave up the most sacks in the league. Dickerson could become the new center for the Eagles with Jason Kelce retiring soon. He could also move to the guard position if they need him there as well,” Schuster said.