Take a hike! The best local trials to stay active Summer 2021


***Not Quite Everest…****Walking along Wissahickon Valley Park sisters Kyrsten and Ally Mahoney enjoy conversation. The sisters have also hiked in Maine, Montana and Vermont.*

With people wanting to stay active and get outside, while still being cautious of COVID-19, hiking is a great way to accomplish these goals, especially with some beautiful local trails.
The first trail is The Pinnacle in Windsor, Pa, just over 30 minutes away from Souderton. The trail is just over nine miles long and gets more breathtaking each mile. It is definitely for some more experienced hikers as it is pretty rocky and not a clear path.
The Pinnacle sits along the Appalachian Trail and gives you a great view of the mountains. The views are stunning and make for some really cool photo opportunities as well.
Another beautiful local trail is Wissahickon Valley Park. Also only 30 minutes away, there are over 50 trails to hike just within this park, including some that lead to the gorgeous Fairmount Park along the Schuykill.
There are tons of other creeks and rivers along the other trails, as well. A hike leading to Devil’s Pool makes a fun day trip with friends or family filled with beautiful views, refreshing water and some beginner cliff jumping.
Make sure to bring a bag for trash, though, as the township has had increased littering problems and is considering closing Devil’s Pool if they do not improve.
Skippack Creek Loop Trail is another local favorite that is only 15 minutes away. This trail is a 4.7-mile loop with an easy incline, many small creeks and some unique plants.
The trail is also open all year round and also used for snowshoeing and horse riding. The trail is located in Evansburg State Park and is perfect for newer hikers who are looking to get into some more hiking.
Those looking for a longer trek will love Mount Misery, Chapel Path and Mount Joy Trail in Valley Forge National Park. This 7.5-mile path is lengthy but moderate.
There is a gorgeous river that you can see in several parts of the path, some pretty bridges that lead you over smaller creeks, a good combination of shaded and sunny areas, and some really cool historical sites along the way.
Even though it is longer, the restrooms along the path are very well maintained and clean. There is also an adorable gift shop and bookstore you can stop in on your way back.
Those who are willing to go a bit further might like Glen Onoko Falls and Lehigh Gorge Overlook Trails. This 3.2-mile hike is difficult and can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.
However, there is an absolutely stunning waterfall at the end that is nothing short of breathtaking. The views of other mountains from the top are also absolutely gorgeous and can make you really appreciate nature.
There are some complicated steps and you are basically on an incline the entire hike so be careful and prepared before going on a hike. It is also best to start at the Glen Onoko sign and go counterclockwise around the trail to make it a bit easier.