Art for Social Change club impacts members

The Art for Social Change Club is using its artistic skill to raise money for various causes.

Art for Social Change improves members by pushing them out of their comfort zones. The club is giving most of its members more confidence and courage in their art.
Once president Khoi Moye joined the club he “felt more open” about his art. “There are a lot of people here who are artists, but they’re quiet artists,” Moye said.
According to Moye, the club makes him feel more free to share his opinions.
“It made me feel more free to share opinions and share art,” Moye said. Moye said he used to keep his artwork private, but after joining the club he is more proud of his art and has become more open about it with others.
The club pushes members to socialize and meet new people. “It has made me talk more and connect with more people,” said freshman Reagan Lisius.
“It’s a very supportive environment. I would suggest giving art club a try,” secretary Miranda Razzi said. “It’s a lot of fun and we always push for positive vibes.”
According to Razzi, the club is a relaxing after school activity.
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The club is a place for members to release stress. “You can just come and let all your frustrations out,” Razzi said.
There are no requirements to become a member. Moye welcomes all new members, as long as they “put in the work.”
“We would like [to have new members] and I think they would like [attending the club],” Moye said.
The club strives to make everyone feel welcomed during meetings.
“Anybody is welcome to come join or come check it out,” Lisius said.
The club’s goal is to spread awareness through art and have fun while doing it.
Art for Social Change participates in competitions. “We did an anti-vaping campaign last year,” Razzi said.
According to Razzi, the club is currently creating postcards to sell to raise funds for Hurricane Dorian relief.
“We’re having a lot of fun with [the postcards] and we’re glad to make a difference,” Razzi said.