Students celebrate Friendsgiving over break

Over Thanksgiving break, many students hopped on the new trend of “Friendsgiving,” a celebration based on Thanksgiving, but shared with friends.

Celebrating the holiday of Thanksgiving, students follow the new trend of having a Friendsgiving by gathering their friends for a Thanksgiving feast. This twist on the classic holiday originated on Twitter in 2007 and has become a popular celebration.
This year, many students hosted or attended a Friendsgiving. Most feel that it is an enjoyable time with friends during the holiday season.
Friendsgiving was a trend created by millennials to spend time with friends and eat food.
Senior Grace Kelley organized and hosted her close friends over Thanksgiving break.
According to Kelley, Friendsgiving is a special event to have with friends. “It’s fun because it’s something you usually do with your family so it’s fun to share it with your friends,” Kelley said.
This was Kelley’s first time hosting Friendsgiving.
Freshman Julia Vizza also hosted a Friendsgiving.
According to Vizza, this holiday is a good way to reminisce on “good memories you’ve made with people.”
“It just reminds you of whose important to you and gives you a chance to think about the past year,” Vizza said.
Other students feel the same about this holiday.
According to freshman Levi Lewis who attended Vizza’s Friendsgiving, this holiday differs from regular Thanksgiving due to the friend aspect.
“Friendsgiving is with your closets buddies. It’s not like traditional thanksgiving,” Lewis said.
Lewis and Vizza feel that Friendsgiving is a relaxing time to “have fun” with friends.
Sophomores Anna Roman and Annabel Cunningham attended a friendsgiving over break and shared similar thoughts.
According to Roman, Friendsgiving is more “low-key” than regular Thanksgiving.
“It’s a fun way to hang out with [friends] and share how grateful you are [for] them,” Roman said.
“During the holiday season, it’s always good to get with your friends because everyone is usually focused on the family aspect of it and friends are just as important,” Cunningham said.
Additionally, Friendsgiving is a good time “to make sure your friends know how much they mean to you and give back to them,” Roman said.
Senior Lauren Haines attended Kelley’s Friendsgiving.
According to Haines and Kelley, each friend got assigned to a side dish and brought it to the event and Kelley made chicken.
Junior Halina Saydam hosted a Friendsgiving as well and organized hers in a similar way.
“I think it’s really nice for all of us to get together at one pont,” Saydam said.
According to Saydam, she made the turkey and her friends brought side dishes.
Each Friendsgiving is different and special. At Kelley’s, each friend wore pajamas.
According to Kelley, this made their Friendsgiving a fun time. Also, they have included some new friends in their celebration.