During pandemic, fans finding alternative ways to substitute sports

With sports being suspended, fans have been forced to find different things to do during this time. Some still concentrated on sports, while others have found new things to do.

Professional sports have not been played for over two months now, which has led sports fans to find different activities to do during the current global COVID-19 pandemic.
Some fans have found other things to do during this pandemic besides focusing on sports.
“With my free time I have been hanging out with friends or exercising. When I’m not doing that, I’m playing video games,” junior Calvin Wellen said.
Others have found a different source of entertainment.
“I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix and social distancing hanging out with my friends,” Pennridge junior Joe Sullivan said.
Some others have been still very focused on sports.
“I’ve been watching old sports games on Youtube and lots of highlight videos. I can’t live without sports,” junior Nick Sotos said.
Other than Youtube, some of the sports channels on TV have also been playing reruns of past games.
“I have watched past games, to be specific I watched a rerun of the World Series Game 5 when the Yankees won the World Series against the Mets in 2000,” Donovan Catholic junior Andrew Castro said.
Others also reminisce past games they went to by looking at pictures or videos they have.
“I go through memories of games that I miss. Those are memories that last a lifetime and are shared with some of your closest friends and family,” Castro said.
Since live sports have been suspended, some people have been going outside and playing the sport instead.
“Every day I go outside and just shoot around on my [basketball] hoop. It gives me something to do and gets me ready for next season. I also have been going to do football drills to get work in and stay in shape,” Wellen said.