Staying home for the holidays this year

The holidays are different than in past years for students and their families. From the traditions they will be celebrating to who they will be celebrating with, normal plans will be changing due to COVID-19.


Preparing for Christmas…Decorating the house, Delaware resident Carol Urban works on finishing touches at the table. Each year, Urban and her husband, Richard place many decorations around the inside and outside of their home.

Because of the coronavirus, many students’ holiday plans have been affected this year by staying home and not traveling in order to keep family and loved ones safe.
Freshman Anita Josiah enjoys many aspects of the holidays.
“My favorite thing about the holidays is how people meet together, have fun together, share stuff and get presents,” Josiah said.
Some students are excited to be with family this upcoming holiday season.
Freshman Caia Vega is planning on going to her grandpa’s house and thinks that going there is the best part of Christmas.Vega likes the calming and cheerful feeling of the holiday.
“I’m pretty excited for everyone to just relax and spend time with family and after this whole thing. It’s nice to have a holiday that’s warm and comforting,” Vega said.
Many people look forward to the traditions of the holidays. Delaware resident Carol Urban looks forward to Christmas family dinner, but is not sure if she will be seeing family this year.
“We decorated the house, but unfortunately it’s going to be an empty house without the family here,” Urban said. Urban’s husband, Richard always sets up a huge train set in the basement of their house. “I keep working on those all year,” Richard said.
For Thanksgiving, the Urbans were staying home or “hibernating” with their cats. Richard said “We’re going to stay here, just us and the cats.”
Vega said Thanksgiving was “difficult” for her. Because she had COVID, her family ended up doing a Zoom call. On the other hand, Christmas hasn’t changed much for Vega.
“Seeing as we’re already a really small family, and we do it all at home. They haven’t really changed that much.” Vega said.
Despite some non-traditional celebrations, some families are still preparing for Christmas.
Vega says her family is “already playing Christmas music constantly” and she already gave her family her wish list.
Some may be going out this year, but others like Josiah’s family and college senior Demiryah Dennis are “scared” of the virus.
Dennis hopes that “everybody stays safe” and that they stay around people who don’t have it.
Josiah was planning on going to Virginia this year to visit family, but she doesn’t think it will be possible. Her parents fear if they travel this year they could get sick.
“My parents are just scared of Coronavirus,” Josiah said.
For Christmas each year, Urban goes all out. She bakes cookies, makes candy, and “decorates the house inside and out.”
The Center for Disease Control is encouraging people to stay home and celebrate the holidays with just immediate family.