“Miss Americana” reveals the real Taylor Swift

The documentary, “Miss Americana”, directed by Lana Wilson, showcases Taylor Swift and her role as a performer. Swift’s career along with personal struggles are presented in the film.

Released on January 31, Taylor Swift’s Netflix original documentary called “Miss Americana” reveals her proudest moments along with her deep truths and struggles.
The film opens with Swift calmly playing the piano while her cat steps on the piano keys, creating a peaceful and comedic beginning to the documentary.
The key concept of the film appears when Swift looks at her old journals. “My entire moral code as a kid and now is a need to be thought of as good,” Swift said.
Following this, a montage of past videos of Swift performing is played. She explains how while her career began to progress, she became “trained to be happy” due to praise and eventually “became the person who everyone wanted me to be.”
This is interesting because Swift has always seemed perfect and it is sad that she couldn’t be authentic for a long time.
The film showcases clips from Swift’s world tours, award shows and the making of her albums and music videos.
Touching moments throughout the documentary are when Swift receives multiple awards. She showcases her genuine thankfulness during these times and is presented as an appreciative person.
Swift also opens up about her mother having cancer, personal struggles with an eating disorder and drama with other celebrities. She also explains her political awakening and her experience with sexual assault.
Before Swift began sharing her political views, she was told to not be like the Dixie Chicks, a country music group that was popular before they shared their opinion about President Bush. The group faced backlash which prompted Swift’s label executives and publishers to tell her to not be like the Dixie Chicks.
According to Swift, she was “so obsessed with not getting in trouble” for sharing her opinions.
This prompted the singer to write her song “The Man,” which is featured on her latest album, “Lover”. The song is about her place in the world as a female celebrity, with lyrics such as “I’m so sick of running as fast as I can, wondering if I’d get there quicker if I was a man.”
Additionally, Swift posted her first political Instagram post on October 7, 2018. She received negativity from many people including President Trump.
This element of the documentary is informative of Swift’s views and is very inspiring.
Towards the end of the documentary, clips of Swift performing play while she collects her thoughts on how she has grown from the start of her career to present day.
In the final seconds of the documentary, Swift states “I want to still have a sharp pen and a thin skin and an open heart.”
The style and composition of the film is well done as well as the background music and editing. There are nicely placed transitions and the clips are intriguing.
Not just fans of Swift should watch “Miss Americana” because the documentary captures the realness of a woman who has faced amazing triumphs as well as adversity as a celebrity. It is a film that gives goosebumps and displays how Swift should be viewed.