Fall foods bring spirits of the season

Each season brings its own different types of unique food and people often like to try these seasonal flavors. With the start of the fall season, many tasty flavors are coming.


Sipping the Season… Souderton resident Davina Furman drinks her fall seasonal Dunkin Donuts Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte. Arrowhead photo by Kathleen Rivera-Franks

Many people have specific fall flavors that they really like. “Fall flavors have amazing tastes and bring fall spirit to the air,” junior Logan Ulmer said.
Some people like to go out and get their fall flavors while at restaurants others like to make them homemade.
“It’s a tradition for my family to make my grandmother’s snickerdoodle cookies,” junior Makenzie Wilfong said.
Wilfong isn’t the only person who likes to make cookies at home. Even though junior Halle Grub doesn’t make cookies at home, her sisters enjoy it.
“Around any holiday, my two sisters love making cookies and decorating them,” Grub said.
Grub also enjoys classic Thanksgiving food. “I usually just eat the regular turkey, mashed potatoes, and other things like pumpkin pie,” Grub said.
Ulmer also enjoys this fall tradition.
“I really like eating Thanksgiving dinner with my family and making apple pie with my grandmother,” Ulmer said.
Even though he doesn’t eat many specific fall-flavored foods, he does relish some of the flavors.
“I really like pumpkin and cinnamon,” Ulmer said.
Ulmer doesn’t only like the fall food at Thanksgiving but also fall drinks. Ulmer also thinks warm apple cider is “really good.”
While Ulmer likes his drink warm, others like it when their drinks are cold. Junior Ava Blon likes going to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks.
“I love an iced pumpkin spiced latte from Dunkin Donuts,” Blon said.
Wilfong also enjoys pumpkin spice.
“Every time I go to Starbucks during the fall season I get a pumpkin spiced latte. It’s just so warm and makes me happy,” Wilfong said. Wilfong enjoys warm fall foods as well. “My mom always makes butternut squash soup. It tastes so good and is kind of healthy,” Wilfong said.
People also appreciate doing activities that involve food.
“One of my favorite things that I do in the fall is to go to a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins with my friends,” Indian Crest Middle School 8th grader Eli Tevald said.
Tevald used to go to the pumpkin patch with his friends when he was younger. They would make pumpkin pie after.
“I would love to go again with my friends now, but I’m not sure if I will this fall,” Tevald said.
According to Wilfong, some of her favorite fall memories were at the apple orchards.
“Me and my friend Courtney went apple picking last year and took a bunch of pictures for Instagram. It was so much fun and I really want to do it again. The apples still tasted really good,” Wilfong said.