Holding the president accountable is important for change, social justice

Despite Democrats controlling the White House and Congress, Americans need to continue to hold the president and Congress accountable for their actions. To see real social change, Americans cannot become complicit.

By continuing to promote activism and holding President Joe Biden accountable during his term, Americans can continue to fight for social justice.
During former President Donald Trump’s term as president, many Americans became more aware of injustice in the country. As a result of this awareness and Trump’s part in it, Biden won a landslide election.
However, just because Biden was elected does not mean that Americans can forget about issues that continue to plague the country. The mentality that there is no need for protesting anymore because the president is a Democrat is performative activism.
The election is not the only time people need to care about social issues. Blatantly ignoring the struggles of others because it’s not a “trend” to care about them anymore is the definition of performative activism.
To become true activists, Americans must criticize the Biden Administration and all future administrations with the same fervor as with the Trump Administration. There should be no double standards for Biden.
An effective presidency requires constant input from Americans. In a democracy, the people have power and they must exercise it all the time, not just for elections.
According to Time Magazine, the Biden Administration needs to make combatting the severe level of misinformation in the country a priority as a way to undo some of the damage that Trump caused.
During his presidency, Trump stoked racial divisions for political gain and refused to take real action when fighting against the pandemic. His constant distrust in science even made COVID more difficult to manage.
Too many of these issues are time sensitive, for them only to be dealt with during election years. Racial injustice has caused too many inexcusable deaths and the time to reverse climate change is limited.
An article in Teen Vogue stated that Biden cannot just return America to its post-Obama Era state, there needs to be more progress.
Americans need to continue to protest and be active for social justice. It is the only way to send a message to the Biden Administration that they still care and they want change.
Most importantly, Americans need to continue to vote and hold the government accountable for damaging voting rights. Without electing representatives who will listen to criticisms and adjust their agenda to fit what Americans want, the opportunities for progress are limited.
The Biden Administration needs to make restoring the Voting Rights Act and passing the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act a top priority during his term.
Every American has the right to vote and that cannot be ignored because there is no general election. Too many communities have been disenfranchised through their inability to vote.
Groups in Georgia like Fair Fight and GALEO were able to increase registered voters in the area and did something seemingly impossible: Georgia elected two democratic senators.
Activism in Georgia brought a new wave of change. With continual support from the public for voting rights, these types of changes could happen across the country.
The progress in this country is not just in the hands of the government, it is dependent on the will of the people. Americans must hold the Biden Administration accountable for their actions and make their opinions known if they want real progress.