Cousins Maine Lobster takes a splash all over America

With locations nationwide, Cousins Maine Lobster is bringing fresh Maine lobster closer to home. The food trucks and restaurants feature a variety of dishes with lobster and lots of other fresh-made food.


Grub on the go… Ordering his food, Bethlehem resident Bryan Davis stands at the Cousins Maine Lobster truck. The truck was at Seven Sirens Brewing on April 18. *

To bring fresh lobster all over the country, Cousins Maine Lobster has 29 food trucks and nine restaurants nationwide including two trucks in the Trenton, N.J. and Philadelphia, Pa. area.
The trucks have a variety of traditional “comfort foods” with the addition of fresh, quality lobster. Some of these dishes include lobster grilled cheese, lobster tots, lobster quesadillas and classic Maine and Connecticut lobster rolls.
The lobster on all of the dishes was amazing. It was clear that it was fresh lobster from Maine that was carefully prepared by the chefs. Even though lobster isn’t “in season” right now, it didn’t taste like it. It was definitely worth the price.
Our party first tried the Maine lobster roll which is traditionally served with cold lobster on a warm toasted bun.
The bread for the Maine lobster roll was the perfect sourdough that was toasted exceptionally for a good bite. The lobster chunks were about the size they should be, larger chunks, not shredded.
Normally lobster rolls have a little bit more of a crunch to them that this one was missing. It would have been better to have some celery pieces mixed in with the mayo to contradict all of the softness in the bite.
The mayo was okay, but could have used a little more salt and pepper in it or on the whole sandwich.
Overall though, with a little bit of lemon juice squeezed on top of the roll, it was really good.
Connecticut lobster rolls are normally served with warm lobster on a sourdough bread or hotdog roll. Our party preferred warm lobster over cold so we liked the Connecticut roll better.
Again, both the lobster and the bread were delicious and prepared very nicely. The warm butter that the lobster was tossed in for this roll was amazing. It was the perfect amount where you could taste it, but it didn’t make the bun mushy.
If you wanted a little extra flavor you could have added some lemon juice, but it was still very good as prepared.
Next, we tried the Lobster Tots. These were warm tater tots with warmed lobster, cilantro lime sauce and pico de gallo.
This was probably our least favorite dish. We believe that the thought process when creating it was good, but personally thought that the foods didn’t work well together.
The cilantro lime sauce was really good by itself and was full of flavor, but made the tots kind of mushy. The pico de gallo had the same effect. The tomatoes were a bit runny and were not a nice addition to the texture of the bite.
If the tater tots themselves weren’t so soft or were a bit more crispy, the dish probably would have been better. If they had used tortilla chips for lobster nachos, it would have been better.
Our final taste test was the lobster grilled cheese, which was absolutely amazing. The pepper jack and cheddar cheeses they used were delicious and tasted great on fresh sourdough. The bread could have been a little crispier to add a little bit of crunch but was overall all still fantastic.
The cheeses were melted perfectly and the lobster added so much flavor. The little bit of butter used to toast the bread also added to the flavor of the lobster. Overall, this was such a comfort dish that had a little bit of uniqueness added to it.
The truck itself was super cute and the employees were so nice. It is a bit on the pricier side but for a nice treat every once in a while- it’s totally worth it.
Cousins Maine Lobster has been traveling all over the greater Philadelphia area so I definitely recommend checking out their website to see where they’ll be next: