Vaping causes illness, death: it needs to stop

With the reported cases numbering above 2,000, the urgency of the matter is most clear. The facts and science make it clear; vaping is dangerous and should be stopped.

Get it together and stop vaping. People have died from this. The seriousness of this is not something to be ignored or underestimated.
Stop vaping. Just stop. For your own health just stop.
As of January 13, according to the New York Times, there have been 2,602 cases and 59 deaths as a result from vaping.
This is unacceptable and completely avoidable.
Whatever the individual reasons are for starting to vape, none justify death.
There aren’t really any arguments that support the use of vapes and e-cigarettes.
Nicotine is harmful and damaging to the brain and the body.
It is known to be highly addictive and cause cancer, so one fails to understand the reason why people still use nicotine products.
Whether people vape because of the misguided view that vaping is cool or because of the actual effects of the vape, one thing is extremely clear– dying is not cool.
Do we all understand that vaping continues to kill people?
If one vapes the solution is clear. Stop vaping.
Do anything needed to quit.
Throw out the Juul.
I fail to understand how this can be made more clear.
Vaping will kill you, so you need to stop.
At this point doctors and researchers do not know why some have died from vaping and other users appear to be fine.
According to a CDC study of 86 lung-injury patients, 87% of patients reported using vape products with THC.
This appears to be a common link between lung-injury patients across the country.
Do not misinterpret this fact to mean that it is only THC vapes causing illness and death.
Vapes without THC have still been reported to cause lung-injury and death.
The mentality that we are invincible is a false security that we allow ourselves to believe.
The scary truth of it all is that if you vape at all you are at risk of dying.
This is not being blown out of proportion either.
Any death from something preventable is cause for commotion.
Another point to be made clear is that vaping is not “healthier than cigarettes.”
Since vaping’s rise in popularity in the last three years, there have been 59 people that have died.
To be clear, smoking cigarettes is horrible for every aspect of one’s health, but the excuse that vaping is healthier is completely misguided and wrong.
However people choose to downplay the seriousness of vaping implications, the rational and logical part of people know that vaping anything is dangerous and deeply unsafe.
We all need to hold people accountable.
If someone we care about, vapes urge them to quit. Be annoying and incessant.
If you vape, stop lying to yourself. Be smarter and realize that vaping is dangerous and could result in death.