Returning from college during break is a welcome break

For college freshmen returning home for break, they get the chance to do the things they no longer get to do while at college. They also learn that there are some things about the college life that they enjoy more.

Coming back to spend time in their hometown, Souderton Area High School alumni return home over college breaks and reflect on the things they missed while away.
For class of 2019 alumni Elyse DiPisa, now attending the University of Delaware, she missed the small hometown feel of where she grew up.
“Being at school and not home, I sometimes miss the fact that this is a smaller, quieter place to live, and how you know most of the people you live near in your hometown,” DiPisa said.
Similar to Dipisa, class of 2019 alumni Lindsey Pazdziorko, now attending Towson University, missed the quiet setting of home.
“The thing I missed about being home is having time to relax and the peace and quiet,” Pazdziorko said.
Pazdziorko also missed little traditions.
“I missed getting coffee with friends and driving around listening to music whenever we could, just finding weird ways to fill our day,” Pazdziorko said.
Like DiPisa and Pazdziorko, class of 2019 alumn Brian Bruno, now attending Kutztown University, missed the close hometown feel.
“I most definitely missed being so close with everyone around the local area. It’s nice to know everyone and have a set group of friends that you can already associate yourself with,” Bruno said.
For class of 2019 alumni Jake Lavely, now attending the University of Pittsburgh, the freedom to go anywhere was most notably missed.
“Being able to drive for sure was missed,” Lavely said. “Having the freedom to go anywhere I wanted whenever I wanted was very nice.”
Lavely missed traditions with high school friends.
“I missed the traditions of running with my friends, playing football and basketball, seeing a movie, or going to a game with friends,” Lavely said.
Being at home for break did not just illuminate what graduates missed about their hometown, it showed them what they missed about college life while they were on break.
Pazdziorko missed the independence and freedom of college life.
“I mostly miss my friends and constantly having something to do or somewhere to go. I miss being able to make my own schedule and being able to do whatever I want. I sort of lost my independence coming home,” Pazdziorko said.
According to Lavely, he also missed the freedom to make his own decisions that came with college life.
“I missed the ability to be independent and on my own. I could make my own decisions more so at college than at home,” Lavely said.
Pazdziorko most felt the absence of her college friends when home on break.
“The most disappointing part of coming home was not being able to see my friends everyday, especially my roommate,” Pazdziorko said. “I also found myself getting bored very easily because I was alone.”
DiPisa missed the busy schedule of being at college.
“I was sad to leave behind my fast-paced life at school, where you basically live with your best friends, have a schedule and are always busy doing something for school or for fun,” DiPisa said. “We live in a small town and it makes me realize how much I enjoy my time at school with my friends.”